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The fox trots.

Today is another one of those days that almost revved me up into starting the long-planned skies.insatiably.net. Oh, if only I could reach up to pluck those small wads of puffy cottons from above… the blue of the sky today was simply marvellous.

I wonder how it would be like to have a suite up on the 112nd floor of a high-rise building. Nothing to see for miles, save the distinct ant-like trails of people and vehicles moving up and down the streets below, but I reckon the view of a vast and seemingly limitless expanse of the sky could probably more than make up for it.

Then my gaze fell upon the car in front of me.

We were waiting for the lights to change. The car was obviously a local production, but I grinned upon noticing a slight change: the usual positions where the model of the car are normally imprinted on, had been replaced with a Japanese brand name and make on it.

Dream on, man. Dream on.

Yeah, I found that mildly amusing. It is like seeing someone wearing a t-shirt with the instantly-recognised Hard Rock Cafe logo on it – except that it does not actually say Hard Rock Cafe, of course, but something else, like… oh, something else. Excuse me, my brain cells are exhausted today.

Nothing like a random observation to remind you to not take things for granted. Some things do warrant a second look, after all – we just do not know which, and when.


Hmm, fascinating. I had never tried this before. Well, it is not like we had any need to type a word repeatedly. My fingers went all numb and almost tangled up when I typed a particular word in quick succession to keep up with Mr. Tweedy, resulting in this:

I’d like to thank you all for nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothin g notn nothing nothin gnothin gnothin gnothin gnothin gnoooooot noting tojs not nothin gnoth gntohg nothi ng not hignothing nothin gnothin gnothin g at all

That is the closest I had ever got to posting up song lyrics.

On air now: Poor Places, Wilco

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  1. Haha. Yeah. I know what you mean. But some of these folks really do have Lancer engines replacing their Wira stock ones. And let me tell you, I wouldn’t mind driving a Wira with a 2.0 turbocharged Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution series engine. Bliss. 280+ horsepower from a 2 litre engine. Yummy.

    Ali | 20/12/05 11:31 AM

  2. a car does not an engine make.

    i would mind driving such a wira because i value my wellbeing.

    soporific | 20/12/05 02:57 PM

  3. Ali – Heh. It’d be more fun on the racetrack! The state of our roads today leave much to be desired…

    Soporific – Oh, I’d prefer to get the real thing itself, too. Hmm, I don’t quite have a dream car…

    Strizzt | 20/12/05 09:02 PM

  4. misunderstood – wilco.

    ah lok cafe? or how about, halo cafe?

    spoonfork | 21/12/05 01:32 AM

  5. Spoonfork – Yeah, I was trying to count the number of times ‘nothing’ was repeated, by typing them out instead. :D

    Can’t quite recall it though, but I thought I’ve seen the Ah Lok Cafe one before (or not!).

    Strizzt | 21/12/05 07:16 PM

  6. Strizzt, totally!

    Ali | 21/12/05 10:36 PM

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