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Turn on your TV.

Sometimes, we need to have our own shells to withdraw to.

Sometimes, we need to have our own masks to hide behind.

Sometimes, we need to have time for ourselves.

Some ‘me’ time, if you will.

No, this is not merely a matter of privacy, but more like having ample room and enough space to breathe.

People hoard around you, armed with various demands and heightening expectations. Their voices grate your nerves, their repetitive requests annoyingly persistent. Sooner or later they come closer and closer; you feel like you are being pressed in from all four sides – it makes you smaller, but it helps not in any way.

That is when people notice the other, darker side of you – the one with the furrowed eyebrows, the visible frown on your face that makes you look like a distant descendant of Frankenstein – a shocking contrast from all those dazzling, made-for-TV smiles that they have grown accustomed to.

Unfortunately, the bad outweighs the good all the time. You may have made countless contributions, but it takes only one wrong move to have people turn up their noses at you for a long, long time.

Things happen. Time passes. Life continues.

There is no ‘pause’ button – but if there really were one, would you hit it anyway?

Yeah, you cheat.

On another note: the hunt for a new cellphone is almost at its end. One has style, but no substance; the other has substance, but no style. The powers that be never tires in conspiring against me and setting me up unnecessarily. I cannot make up my mind as to which to choose, between the two (yes, neither is an option, too).

Actually, the answer is clear. Sort of. Well. Never mind.


The weekend beckons, hallelujah.

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  1. Don’t get the sliding one. It’s unnecessarily thick.

    Ali | 17/12/05 03:14 AM

  2. Ali – Heh. The thickness is okay with me. What I’m concerned about is whether the slider thing holds for long.

    Strizzt | 17/12/05 09:47 AM

  3. I think the candy bar is much better … really. If you can afford it, it’s the obvious choice. Sliding is just a fad anyway, but substance will take you through your days.

    Shom Teoh | 17/12/05 04:20 PM

  4. Shom – Yeah, but I’ve been using a candy bar for almost five years, and am hoping for a change. That’s why I’m torn between the two.

    Strizzt | 17/12/05 06:07 PM

  5. strizzt, forget nokia.

    i have my own shellfish to withdraw to. namely, scallops.

    soporific | 17/12/05 10:47 PM

  6. Soporific – Was thinking Samsung earlier, but eventually narrowed my choices back to Nokia. Man, it’s taking me months just to decide on a phone – next thing we know, the models become dinosaurs already.

    Strizzt | 18/12/05 12:43 PM

  7. A friend of mine in the gadget reviewing business has been actively discouraging Nokia as well.

    But he’s a gadget geek though, and sometimes their tastes might not be similar to the regular user.

    Mint | 18/12/05 01:58 PM

  8. Nokia is user friendly. But that’s about it I think. I mean, I was a Nokia user for 5 years.

    Ali | 18/12/05 03:39 PM

  9. Mint – Hmm. I wonder why the dislike for Nokia. I believe gadget geeks have valid enough reasons to love and hate certain techy thingmajigs, though…

    Ali – So am I. Well, it’s not like I can say much; after all, I’ve only had one cellphone so far… and it still is considered the best to ever come from the Nokia stables – the dinosaur 3310.

    Strizzt | 18/12/05 07:01 PM

  10. nokia is only user friendly because it has become ubiquitous. people only feel the nokia algorithms are ‘user-friendly’ because they dont know any other way.

    seriously, other phones just place different buttons to do the same things nokia does. but nokia charges more for it.

    its not like an ipod, who bloody invented the damn scrollwheel, which is to this day, the most user-friendly way of doing it.

    soporific | 19/12/05 07:19 PM

  11. That’s it! I’m gonna get an iPod too. Someday.

    Strizzt | 19/12/05 08:56 PM

  12. well, u could wait untilt he 100gb one comes out one day. that’s my targetted replacement model. i could sell u my old 40gb one then, hehe.

    soporific | 20/12/05 03:06 PM

  13. Soporific – Adoi… I don’t think I have that many favourite songs to put even into a 40gb iPod!

    Strizzt | 20/12/05 09:05 PM

  14. pikchurs!

    soporific | 23/12/05 10:51 AM

  15. Soporific – I’m the type of person who likes pictures to be big. Don’t really fancy looking at them from a mini screen.

    Strizzt | 23/12/05 08:55 PM

  16. so you’ll make prints of all of them?

    soporific | 25/12/05 05:03 PM

  17. Soporific – Er… Only the nicer ones.

    Strizzt | 26/12/05 06:44 PM

  18. it’ll cost ya. and it’ll be tougher to carry around.

    soporific | 26/12/05 09:07 PM

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