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Okay, okay.

So the Narnia thrill lives still in me. A particular song from the soundtrack loops annoyingly (and wrongly) in my mind, giving me goosebumps – and so I did what any sane person would – get the soundtrack through some other means lah.

Having run through the whole album now… well, it was not anything much, really.

Save for that one piece of music. I thought I was, like, indulging in a game of Neverwinter Nights or Icewind Dale all over again.

You know how rousing and idyllic those scores can be; they crescendo to great heights, make your heart leap, and lift your spirits. They serenade you with those charming little tunes, making you feel like you can do just about anything.

Either that, or it just tears you up, inside of you.

And the worst part to it all is that you cannot sing along, either.

Oh, well.

I am also contemplating catching the great giant ape on IMAX (it is also a reason as good as any to pay my first visit to what has been touted as the biggest bookstore in Malaysia – despite its dubious location near a feng shui store no less!). But I doubt I will be able to handle the ending to the movie. Sniff.

Perhaps it is time for another social outing; it seems to me that there is plenty of catching up and gossiping to do. Now, to actually get around to arranging a favourable time and date that everyone in the list could turn up…

On air now: Evacuating London, Harry Gregson-Williams

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  1. Which bookstore is that? Borders? I heard a Borders just opened at The Curve. Haven’t been there yet. Wondering if that is any good.

    Mint | 15/12/05 10:58 PM

  2. Hey, I like that ‘Oh Johny/Joni’ song that was played when the children played hide and seek at the beginning. Is it included in the soundtrack? That one you can sing along rite? :p

    Shom Teoh | 16/12/05 12:59 PM

  3. Mint – Yep, Borders. I haven’t been to any of their bookstores, but I’ve heard of all those great ‘buy 3 for the price of 2’ bargains – plus they have books, music CDs and movie DVDs under one roof. I hope they have a decent collection of… everything.

    Shom – Can’t recall that ‘Johnny/Joni’ song. I’m only looping one track, and have already gotten bored of it. Heh.

    Strizzt | 16/12/05 08:08 PM

  4. Oh.. dang. Anyway, I only noticed that song when I watched the movie the 2nd time. :p So I can watch this movie twice without being bored … serious, I think it’s a nice piece of work from the director. Can’t say the same for Harry Potter … :p sorry

    Shom Teoh | 16/12/05 10:04 PM

  5. Hmm.. interesting … I’ll probably visit the Curve’s Borders sometime soon to find out.

    Also, I’ve been discovering that a lot of people disliked Harry Potter especially the ones who read the book. I enjoyed it a lot when I watched it though, and have been rather surprised at the generally negative reaction. Hmmm…

    Mint | 16/12/05 10:44 PM

  6. Shom – Wah, watched Narnia twice already! I envy people who go for special previews. :P Am contemplating a second viewing myself, but that most probably will not happen.

    Heh, I am not that big a fan of Potter, really – while some of the books do catch my fancy somewhat, I thought the fourth movie was better in comparison to the earlier ones.

    Mint – Hmm, I suppose you live around that area too, huh? I think Borders should have a good collection of books… and get Robin Hobb if you haven’t already. :P

    Well, that’s probably due to the fact that the movies have been condensed and accused of not staying true to the books. It’s not that I dislike the movies, but they were... forgettable.

    Strizzt | 16/12/05 11:48 PM

  7. borders? dont bother.

    i agree with mint on potter, i dont get what the fans are complaining about. maybe it should be a five hour long movie to fit in the entire book.

    problem with these pseudo-literature-champions is that they don’t understand the medium called ‘film’.

    which is where his royal hairiness comes in. dont bother with imax on that cause it wasnt actually filmed for imax. but trust me, it’s the big-budget movie of the year. forget narnia.

    soporific | 17/12/05 10:50 PM

  8. Soporific – Hmm… what’s with Borders? I haven’t been to any of their stores yet.

    And I didn’t realise Kong wasn’t filmed for IMAX. So it’s basically like, watching in the same format as normal cinemas except on the six-storey-high screen lah? Skip.

    Strizzt | 18/12/05 12:41 PM

  9. Yah… whats wrong with Borders? Haven’t been to one yet.

    Read Robin Hobb the other day in MPH. For about 40 pages. Thought I might get it, but it would have to wait until I clear up my backlog of things to do first :)

    Mint | 18/12/05 01:54 PM

  10. Mint – ... and remember to read them in the correct order of trilogies: Farseer, Liveship Traders, and Tawny Man. :P

    Strizzt | 18/12/05 07:04 PM

  11. borders boasts like, a quarter million titles or something. the problem is, the deluge of space u have to navigate to see it all.

    mph or kino will offer better books:space ratio. borders is just too sparse and whilst some might think its better atmosphere or whatever, it really just seems more like an empty warehouse.

    the point is, will u ever need to have so many books in a store? and a store too big for its own good?

    soporific | 19/12/05 07:21 PM

  12. Soporific – So, er… there are too many empty spaces? That’s probably due to their, uhm… open/unwrapped book concept; people crowding the aisles reading from the floor wouldn’t exactly do it, I guess.

    I personally wouldn’t mind the extra space (not like I’m reading there, anyway) that I have to go through, as long as they have the books that I want. Now, that means they should have a decent cataloguing system to keep track of the books under their roof. Most of the bookstores here don’t.

    Strizzt | 19/12/05 08:43 PM

  13. i know about their open book concept. but seriously, u could go sit down at starbucks to do that.

    soporific | 20/12/05 03:08 PM

  14. Soporific – Regarding the open book concept – are any of the books still wrapped, or none at all? I don’t quite like the idea that the book I’m about to pay for had spent a day in Starbucks earlier, courtesy of a potential customer.

    I like my new books to be clean and untouched by no one else but myself.

    Strizzt | 20/12/05 09:11 PM

  15. in fact, was just at the curve’s outlet yday. most of the books are unwrapped. guess u just pick one from behind instead.

    soporific | 23/12/05 10:53 AM

  16. Oops, I meant I’d like my new books to be clean and touched by no one else but myself.

    Soporific – I like the open book concept, but the risk is far too great. Eep. Well, I reckon the outlet at Curve isn’t as, er, comprehensive as the one at Times Square.

    Never mind. Must pay a visit there at least once, lest people stare at me like how I told them I’ve not been to Ikea before. :P

    Strizzt | 23/12/05 08:54 PM

  17. actually, the times square one isnt much either.

    soporific | 25/12/05 05:04 PM

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