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You know it is time to get a new cellphone when even your former boss barks this at you once the line gets reconnected:

“Oi, look, you’re probably getting paid much more there, so get a new cellphone instead of—”


The battery to my cellphone has not been working well for quite some time. Then, came something I have never seen before:

“Your SIM card memory is full.”

In all my years of using this cellphone, I have never had ran out of space to key in new numbers (I can only store them in the SIM card itself). I mean, I never had to keep track – not until I reached a hundred just recently. Shows just how many (or few) people I know, eh?

In any case, I became evil and went on a deleting spree, taking off as many unnecessary numbers as I could – now, if only I could do the same for all those junk in my room…

Thing is, when you have a cellphone, you hardly utilise those little magnetic folding phone books anymore – which is risky, no doubt. Once you lose your cellphone, my guess is that you will lose all contacts, leaving you stumbling aimlessly until you build up a worthy collection again – because there has never been need to remember any numbers, really.

But how do you decide which numbers stay, and which do not? It makes you feel guilty somewhat. Besides, it would be pretty embarrassing if you get a message from an unknown number one day asking you out for tea, and having to reply with a silly “Huh? Who are you?”

Or you could just innocently play along, of course. “Who else is coming?”

Well, now you have to be really special to still have a place in my cellphone’s… phone book. Ahem.

I am sticking to my plan to get a new cellphone, though. In fact, I have even decided what mp3 ringtone I am going to use, despite the fact that I have yet to actually decide which cellphone to buy. Haha.

On another note: if I had complained that I had too much free time at my previous workplace, now work keeps falling onto my lap. I am still unfamiliar with the system and the whole shebang, and as such I feel like I am drowning sometimes; I am having trouble keeping up. Sigh.

Also cringeworthy: Oh, lordy! theSun had an interview with Darren Hayes! I am such, such, such an unfortunate soul. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa.

On air now: Out of Egypt, Sufjan Stevens

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  1. I recommed the W800. Just because I’m using it, I’m recommending it to everybody. :)

    Ali | 13/12/05 11:50 PM

  2. i had all my contacts nicely stored in my PDA. then it got stolen. and my friends kept asking me why I never called them for so long. Now I write them down in a diary. Which worked fine. then I lost THAT as well. Then I typed them out in an email and email them to myself so I wouldn’t losethem. And I acidenlty deleted that when I was clearing my inbox.

    Now I just leave them in my cellphone and pray to god I don’t lose THAT.

    eyeris | 14/12/05 01:43 PM

  3. Ali – Heh. I’m a Nokia fan, unfortunately. :) Whoa, the w800’s a bit off my budget, but it is a good cellphone!

    Eyeris – Yikes! Well, I don’t suppose anyone’d store phone numbers in a bank safe. :P Come, give me all your contacts, I’ll keep them safely for you. Ahem.

    Strizzt | 14/12/05 08:23 PM

  4. nokias are for sheep.

    soporific | 17/12/05 10:51 PM

  5. Soporific – Baaaaa. I’ve been using only Nokia, that’s why.

    Strizzt | 18/12/05 12:18 PM

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