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My purple black eye.

Oh, lovely.

Only a month has passed, and already I had made my first major boo-boo at work. Believe me, it was such a silly mistake, I just cannot fathom how and why it even had to happen in the first place.

Sometimes we make intelligent mistakes – ones that, like, make everyone else go “Hmmm, that looks wrong” while they stare at the white board scribbled with many a mathematical equation, nodding sagely and whispering thoughtfully among themselves. Plus, you do not slip a few notches down their “2005’s brightest kids who are also too damn smart and annoying for their own good” list.

But the error that I made was so ridiculously stupid (not to mention rather serious), I cannot help but berate myself for it. It was probably due to a need to perform well, that I ended up doing the exact opposite – if that were even possible.

The only good thing out of this is that I can be sure that I will not be repeating them. Ever.

Still, I cannot shake off this feeling: that I might just step into work tomorrow, get a stern “Come into my office this instant!” by the manager (and certainly not for a cup of tea), and probably be handed a pretty white envelope, its contents not pretty at all.

Yeah, how it would be like, to be served a warning letter?

I think I need to have a paper bag over my head for the next few weeks or so.

On air now: At Least That’s What You Said, Wilco

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  1. I think there’s some sort of leniency(sp?) for first time offenders. Heh.

    Ali | 09/12/05 04:34 AM

  2. cliche time! ‘everyone makes mistakes’... :P so chill…. and hope things turn out ok!

    nerdook | 09/12/05 08:13 AM

  3. the question is whether the mistake is irreparable. i mean, if u’ve noticed it, surely you might have the opportunity to correct it.

    soporific | 09/12/05 06:00 PM

  4. Ali – Perhaps so, but it’s still, er, embarrassing. Like I said, stupid stupid mistake. Sigh.

    Nerdook – Hope so, too. Manager didn’t turn up today. Heh.

    Soporific – Yes, the mistakes can be corrected. It’s a grave error, however, and one that will forever leave my record tainted.

    Strizzt | 09/12/05 10:38 PM

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