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Holly molly.

I am shocked by the things I read today:

“The systems [to control and monitor air traffic] broke down in September, and there is an average of three incidents a month of planes flying too close to each other, due to unclear frequencies or failing equipment.” – today’s headline from theSun

(While we are at it… this is a good one. The numbers, Hurley, the numbers!)

But this one made me jump, too:

“The 3D film Polar Express was a huge hit. Those who saw the film a year ago no doubt still have good memories.” – today’s King Kong supplement from The Star

A year ago”?!

Bloody hell, has it really been that long?

This is when the search function comes in handy.


Oh, lord – it is true, for I had recounted my first IMAX experience here.

I do not know why, but I think 2005 really did whizz me by.

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  1. “but I think 2005 really did whizz me by”

    Thats most likely because you started work

    Mint | 08/12/05 11:38 AM

  2. Hey. Agreed! I’ve been working for 6 months and everything just went by at light speed, coz I live life by the deadlines. When you’re done meeting one, you have no time to rest coz you have to start worrying about the next. Anyway, about your last entry, I think you probably haven’t found that one thing that you really LOVE doing, and that somehow maneuvre it so it brings in some money too. I noticed that the happiest people always have high-paying jobs which they absolutely love. Unfortunately, there are not many of them. So I think unless you are extremely lucky, you have to be on a seeking mode – that’s to make up for the lack of luck. They do say that the more hardworking you are, the luckier you get. I don’t know about that though, I’ve seen plenty of hardworking but miserable people. :D

    Shom Teoh | 08/12/05 12:18 PM

  3. “but I think 2005 really did whizz me by”

    2006 will whizz by even faster.. expert says time passes by faster when a human grow older.

    Jee | 08/12/05 12:29 PM

  4. And it goes even more faster with the monthly bills.

    What? More bills?! Didn’t I just pay for these?? Grr…

    Ali | 08/12/05 04:40 PM

  5. that one made me jump too! polar express a hit?

    anyway. damn funny how the star went to town with king kong. i mean seriously, i’m all excited about it too, but what the hell is this? there certainly wasn’t the same fanfare for star wars. like, i mean, could they be more blatantly commercialised?

    everyone needs money but this is like spreading your legs for it.

    soporific | 08/12/05 06:47 PM

  6. Mint – Oh dear. Work does that to us, huh? There’s still a way to go until 55…

    Shom – It is difficult to secure a job that you like, and get well paid for it. Sigh. But this also includes people who don’t mind staying back until the wee hours of the morning because they are already married to their job so to speak… not unless you’re the CEO, where everyone straightens up and bows at the sight of you.

    Jee – Ack. I feel older just by reading what the experts said!

    Ali – Another thing to not look forward to, indeed!

    Soporific – Heh. But I did like Polar Express; not sure if it was the IMAX experience that made it so.

    Oh well… if they can do this one, they can certainly do another. For all you know there might be a pull-out on Narnia next (!!).

    Strizzt | 08/12/05 09:51 PM

  7. no lah, narnia’s already opened, see.

    soporific | 09/12/05 06:01 PM

  8. Soporific – Oh. Like that ah.

    Heh heh. The other paper had a wrap-around of Narnia – more like for Epson, actually.

    Strizzt | 09/12/05 10:35 PM

  9. the other paper meaning which one? a specific ball of gas or just one of the balls of gases?

    soporific | 11/12/05 06:10 PM

  10. Soporific – The great big ball of fire one. Heh. They have so many beautiful wrap-arounds lately. Sniff.

    Strizzt | 11/12/05 07:32 PM

  11. but they’re all big balls of fire. you’re talking about the one closest to earth lah.

    but what to do, such is their nature

    soporific | 13/12/05 12:57 AM

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