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To Cair Paravel.

She is only 22, and has already been crowned as the youngest woman world squash champion.

I am 22, too, but I have had no significant achievements.

I have yet to change the world; yet to make any sort of useful contribution to the nation.

Heck, I even have trouble trying to correctly remember the many combinations of usernames and passwords – about six of them, some not set by me so I cannot really synchronise them all for my own convenience – that I use for work.

Anyway, age is not the issue here.

Rather, it is just that sometimes, you cannot help but re-evaluate yourself and see how far you have come, and how you have fared after all these years.

No one is going to stop and pull you out from the doldrums, to tell you what you can do to make your life more bearable. Neither is anyone going to stop you from heaving a blissful sigh should you be content with what you already have in your hands.

Some are willing to go to extremes to get what they want; they push themselves to excellence to achieve their destiny. Then there are others who would rather go with the flow, preferring to see what fate brings them.

One goes and grab; the other stays and wait.

This is a bit of a wake-up call, all right.

Carpe diem, people. There is nothing to lose, is there?

Right. So why do I still belong to the latter category?

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  1. It gets worse when you hit 25.

    Ali | 07/12/05 03:16 AM

  2. lol Ali, that’s classic.

    Strizzt that’s nothing wrong for people to just stay and wait, some people do prefer a simple life..

    .. but if you think you want more out of it, than you got to give your 110% to achieve what you want. Carpe diem!

    Jee | 07/12/05 08:16 AM

  3. In life, there are winners and ahem non-winners. Some are more fortunate then the rest. Some get more chances and opportunities.

    What makes you think being a world champion brings happiness with it – RM200,000 notwithstanding…

    Since I don’t know what’s carpe diem (sounds like edible crepe), I’d offer cest la vie instead. Ha! Touche! Oui! Adios, amigos! Muchas gracias, si?

    Must read more Langdon to brush up on French.

    Wonger | 07/12/05 09:45 AM

  4. What makes you think being a world champion brings happiness with it – RM200,000 notwithstanding…

    maybe because she’s dedicated her life to achieving the best she can in the sport?

    which should answer why you still belong in the latter category. you’re not at all fussed with all this ‘best’ nonsense.

    soporific | 07/12/05 02:48 PM

  5. Ali – Eeeeeeek!

    Jee – Hmm, yeah, I guess I do prefer a simple life after all. Still, sometimes you wish you could have a little bit more out of life…

    Wonger – RM200,000 is money! Money makes everyone happy! Yes! Er… Well, Langdon didn’t exactly excel in his French, did he? :P

    Soporific – Now, I’m not all that fussed up about being the best, yes – but you’ve just made me think of my schooldays. I tell you, for a time, grades were of utmost importance.

    Strizzt | 07/12/05 08:00 PM

  6. You may not necessarily have to be the best but I think regret is probably the most messy thing.

    Nowadays, to me, being brave enough to take opportunities, is perhaps most important, no matter how it may turn out later.

    Fretting over opportunities lost is mostly worse.

    Mint | 08/12/05 11:46 AM

  7. aren’t u glad you’ve wisened up from that academist thinking?

    soporific | 08/12/05 06:48 PM

  8. Mint – Ah… yeah, there’s no way to tell if an opportunity lost will present itself to us again.

    Soporific – No academist thinking for now, though I’m not entirely sure if I’ve really wisened up or not…

    Strizzt | 08/12/05 09:20 PM

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