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A hole without a key.

Merry jingles. Brightly lit trees of many-coloured LEDs. Oversized socks in the tell-all colours of red and green. The white-bearded man with the oversized belly.

And then there are the gaily-wrapped gifts that come in all manners of wrapping styles and colourful papers.

This is probably the first time I have to get someone a Christmas present. On top of that, it is for someone that I do not really know, save for the person’s name and face; an… acquaintance. This is due to a, well… it is best described as, uh, a raffle thing they have at the workplace for the festive season.

Well, is it not easier to buy a gift for someone you know, than for a person (to put it as ‘stranger’ would be a tad bit harsh, eh?) you are not quite familiar with?

Do you get them something they need (no, toilet paper just would not do), or simply an item that tickles your fancy – and fervently hope that it will do the same for its recipient, too?

“The general process is to start thinking of things that you know they want, then down to things you know from their personality they would never think of for themselves, but would enjoy it if they had it and, finally, looking at their interests and hobbies.” – Gift Ideas at Durban North Shop

(Yes, yes: I even had to resort to the almighty Google for a potential solution, so sue me.)

But… but… I hardly know that person! Uhm.

So I went for a little bit of shopping earlier, and found myself going round and round the racks at a gift store, having a difficult time in making an appropriate selection.

For some odd reason, I kept getting drawn to a colourful collection of clocks. But then, I was reminded that one might as well slit one’s throat to even consider giving away clocks as gifts.

I can only imagine the many headaches the people who continue to upkeep the spirit of giving gifts will get come Christmas, every year. As it is, I already have trouble getting even birthday presents for people I know (or thought I know inside out) – although sadly, I do not do it often enough.

And oh, I have a new favourite emoticon: -_- Now, to demonstrate its usage…

A newspaper today implemented a wrap-around into one of its pull-outs. When I first saw it early this morning, I was like… -_-

You see, that method of advertisement has been regularly used by one of its rivals, and now it just screams ‘copycat!’ to me. Or maybe I am just being biased. Then again, this idea had been adopted from the US by this said rival since a year or two ago – and I am afraid they do need the revenue even much more, if I may well say so myself. I can see that this move is going to hurt them.

Man, the media is ever-hungry and competitive.

On air now: Ashes of American Flags, Wilco

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  1. Hehe, I know who you’re talking about when it comes to being parrots and cats. _ I was rather taken aback too when I saw it! Anyway, commercialism rules the media here in M’sia. Sadly.
    Shom | 04/12/05 06:09 PM

  2. haha. hey, apaprently the level of incredulity is proportional to the length of the mouth, so if you hear something really ‘ermmm’, then u can stretch the mouth reeeeeeeeeally wide. :p
    nerdook | 04/12/05 08:33 PM

  3. Want to exchange gifts?
    Keat | 05/12/05 03:21 PM

  4. Shom – Yeah, it’s all about commercialism. Hm, we do have pretty creative advertising agencies here, though…

    Nerdook – Wow. How wide can yours go? :P

    Keat – I don’t know what you like, and you don’t know what I like. So how?
    Strizzt | 05/12/05 07:54 PM

  5. - ___ –
    darn the comment thing wont let me stretch any wider.. :P
    nerdook | 05/12/05 09:50 PM

  6. Nerdook – Har har. :P

    Strizzt | 05/12/05 11:32 PM

  7. actually, shom, commercialism rules the media everywhere.

    and if u think about it, it rules everything everywhere.

    capitalism has been both a boon and bane to humanity.

    soporific | 06/12/05 11:35 AM

  8. Aiyah. the spirit of giving and receiving is all about love and sharing. I’m in for a surprise. Are you?

    Keat | 08/12/05 03:19 PM

  9. well, once u know you’re in for a surprise…

    soporific | 08/12/05 06:48 PM

  10. Keat – Er… fine. So how are we going to do this, via Pos Laju? :P

    Soporific – ... not quite a surprise anymore, eh?

    Strizzt | 08/12/05 09:13 PM

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