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Sleeping eye sockets.

Damn it.

Dance with me, Mr. Tweedy?

If categories and genres really do mean anything, then I suppose this is the closest I can ever get to… country. Shudder.

You see, they are alternative country rock. Whatever that means.

Besides, good live albums are hard to come by – so let us kick the television.

On air now: Pot Kettle Black, Wilco

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  1. hey, get kicking television, live in chicago! totally rocking!

    p/s: wanna trade mix tapes?
    spoonfork | 02/12/05 02:57 PM

  2. Spoonfork – Yes, I have Kicking Television (digital format). :P

    Mix tapes? Depends on what you’ve got. :D My collection isn’t very much, really…
    Strizzt | 02/12/05 09:58 PM

  3. don’t matter. i think mix tapes (or cds) are the best way to discover new music.

    but i do have a lot of stuff :)
    spoonfork | 02/12/05 10:54 PM

  4. Spoonfork – Heh, I know you do have a lot of stuff. In fact, you have a more varied taste in music than I do!
    Strizzt | 03/12/05 08:15 PM

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