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Bloody hell...

Good lord, it is finally over and done with – and just in time too. Work is beginning to pile in already.

I think I started out quite well, actually. I managed a considerable amount of words during the first week due to the holidays. I would toss and turn in bed at night, trying to formulate and lay out the proper foundations to the story, pondering different conclusions and possible character additions.

Then it became a rollercoaster ride – sometimes I get to write more, other times, not at all.

Eventually I got fueled up enough during the final week to write more, probably because I thought I was getting closer to the target.

No, it was not easy. Not unless you have it all well-thought out. I did not, and so I often faced dead ends, not knowing where to turn to next.

Do not ask me just yet, if I will join Nanowrimo again next year. I think I need to, er, recover. And no, no more writing about fantasy the next time… I will gladly just stick to reading fantasy, thank you.

Some random observations while in the course of furiously churning out words, trying to surpass the 50,000-word requirement:

  • basically tried to structure my routine around Nanowrimo. As in, I was constantly plagued with thoughts concerning the darned novel, everything else had to wait.
  • alarmed my parents quite a bit. They did not know what I was doing in front of the computer for so many late nights.
  • a few more keys on my keyboard that gets stuck regularly, aside from the ‘Delete’ and right ‘Shift’ keys: mainly the ’+’ (too much word count, maybe).
  • best music to listen to while writing: Elbow, Franz Ferdinand, Sufjan Stevens, Wilco.
  • ... I am such a sadist. I lost count of the number of times I flung poor Evan across the room. Bleed, bleed for me.

Oh, and Mr. Tweedy, thank you for keeping me company.

On air now: I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, Wilco

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  1. Congratulations
    Mint | 30/11/05 08:26 AM

  2. Didn’t you fling Jesper across the room too?
    Wonger | 30/11/05 09:47 AM

  3. Great work! You can be justifiably proud of yourself for achieving the deadline and exceeding the minimum word count by a decent margin. Congratulations indeed, from me too.
    Tim Frost | 30/11/05 09:59 AM

  4. em. congrats.
    btw, meet up wif me next week if you want some raya cookies.
    echobrainless | 30/11/05 02:28 PM

  5. gah. i gave up halfway. sigh….
    eyeris | 30/11/05 04:04 PM

  6. Mint – Thanks. :D

    Wonger – Heh. Maybe I should have done that, too. He got stuffed back into the pocket of an apron, though…

    Tim Frost – Whee, thanks! :) I noticed that there are people who managed even 100,000 words. Phew!

    Echobrainless – Thanks. Wah, still got raya cookies ah? Next week not sure lah. Are you okay with Fridays?

    Eyeris – There’s always next year. :)
    Strizzt | 30/11/05 08:25 PM

  7. Congratulations!
    viewtru | 30/11/05 10:26 PM

  8. elbow and wilco: nice choice of a band. i’m not too sure about franz ferdinand and sufjan stevens.

    and congrats on the finishing the novels. i wish i could write, and i haven’t been churning out any poems in 3 years!
    spoonfork | 01/12/05 07:56 PM

  9. Viewtru – Thanks! You did well yourself, too. :)

    Spoonfork – Heh.. thanks. :) I can’t write poetry either, eep. Plus, I can’t rhyme properly.

    At the moment, I can’t stop looping Wilco’s ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’. Franz Ferdinand’s latest album has loads of energy, I love it as well. Elbow and Sufjan Stevens do has some pretty good tunes though…
    Strizzt | 01/12/05 08:46 PM

  10. Congrats! I joined NaNoWriMo two years ago (or was it last year, I don’t remember) out of curiousity but anyway, I didn’t get past the 5th day. Hah.

    Um, do we get to read your novel? =)
    Emily T | 01/12/05 09:25 PM

  11. ooh, congratulations!! always meant to join, but never did.

    yes, the question now is when you’re going to let us read your novel. ;)
    Leech | 01/12/05 09:51 PM

  12. Emily T – Hey, nice to hear from you again. Thanks. :) Well, Nanowrimo comes around every year, so I guess you can always have another go at it. ;)

    Leech – Thanks. :D Maybe next year, eh?

    Read the novel? Not at the moment, I guess.. it needs plenty of editing – besides, I’m embarrassed to put it up. Yucky. Sigh.
    Strizzt | 01/12/05 11:18 PM

  13. 9th. cameron ar. ficking mdc thingy.
    16th ok? but i dont know whether the cookies still boleh dimakan or not. lalallalaaa…
    echobrainless | 02/12/05 09:38 AM

  14. Echobrainless – 16th? Boleh kot, will call you up on that day then. I don’t want cookies that are basi already!
    Strizzt | 02/12/05 09:59 PM

  15. why is spoonfork not too sure about franz ferdinand or sufjan stevens? because they’re no good or no good for writing?
    soporific | 05/12/05 05:54 PM

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