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Avada kedavra.

Well, the posters had been quite eye-catching. While they did exude a certain degree of intrigue and mystery, it was always those blow-wind-in-face-and-make-hair-flying-furiously types that attracted me, while the characters stand stonily, staring off into the distance with stoic expression on their faces. They would not even have lifted a finger if there were a bee buzzing around their heads.

It made everything looked so… er, cool.

Except that these posters belonged to a kid’s movie.

Embarassingly enough, it made me want to be a part of the movie, too.

I would rate the first two movies in the series as average; I found them slow in pace, and the annoying squeaks of the squarish house-elf that reminded me of Binks irked me very much. I have yet to watch the third movie in its entirety, and the bits and pieces that I did catch hardly left any impression on me.

But this one was very much better. It was probably because it was more of an action-packed affair (I like to be always at the edge of my seat). I went into the cinema without any expectations, but left with a happy grin on my face. I found it simply amazing to watch the young cast grow and mature as the movies progress. I wonder how it is like, growing up in movie sets and stacks of scripts instead of history textbooks on your study table.

Yes, I do find both Radcliffe and Watson very – for a lack of a better word – interesting. So sue me.

Besides, as pointed out here earlier: when did a ferret ever become a burung?

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  1. Maybe they thought a PARROT and a FERRET Are one and the same….
    eyeris | 29/11/05 05:24 PM

  2. Eyeris – Heh. I wonder how do they do subtitles… do they do it without actually watching or referring to the movie? They should have notice that the ferret doesn’t sprout feathers…
    Strizzt | 29/11/05 08:01 PM

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