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I have been somewhat busier lately, now that I am entering the last lap for that darned ‘novel’.

So much so, I think, that my parents are beginning to sympathise with me – although they do not really know the reason why I seem to be spending more late nights still typing away in front of the computer, or staring into empty space, lost in thought. Obviously, I have problems in trying to properly formulate the story…

I would usually take over the television once the Chinese serials finish at 10.30pm on weekdays; this month, however, I have hardly watched much, even forgoing the newly-released movies on cable, preferring to concentrate on the ‘novel’ instead.

Not that I am missing much anyway, considering that most of my favourite television shows seemed to have disappear off the air:

  • season 3 to 24 recently ended its run, and it was somewhat anti-climatic;
  • Lost ended a few months ago, but already I had stumbled upon a major spoiler for season 2;
  • I do not know what happened to The Shield.

At least I am still able to amuse myself with the frantic antics of the competitors present in the latest edition of The Amazing Race: Family Edition. Bicker, bicker. That is, until last week when I tuned in, only to realise that the channel was showing recaps of the show.

Also, who knew shopping for a new phone can be that difficult? This has been put off for far too long.

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  1. Yes. Shopping for a phone is tough these days. You really have to know what you want. If not, you’ll be lost. Too many choices.
    Ali | 25/11/05 01:50 AM

  2. Season 4 is good! (of 24, that is).
    Nikki-ann | 25/11/05 08:47 AM

  3. Ali – Probably I’m just being too picky. If only I could configure and create the phone that has all the features I want, but without a chock full of extra features that I don’t need…

    Nikki-ann – Eek! I hope it’ll be shown here locally, too.
    Strizzt | 25/11/05 08:07 PM

  4. strizzt, you could do that, but then you’d have to pay through your nose because it wouldn’t be mass-produced.
    soporific | 27/11/05 05:55 PM

  5. Soporific – True. Sigh, I’m wasting so much time reading up on reviews, and I still can’t decide which phone to get. Darn.
    Strizzt | 27/11/05 08:52 PM

  6. but why do u want a new one anyway?
    soporific | 28/11/05 10:31 AM

  7. Soporific – The battery for mine keeps dying out. It’s already four years old. My first phone.
    Strizzt | 28/11/05 07:48 PM

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