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Chariots of fire.

I… well, I…

Oh, bloody hell.

I am amazed. Our local blogging community makes such fools out of us.

I may have gotten worked up over it many times before, but things look so utterly ridiculous right now, it is hardly amusing anymore.

Funny, how what had originally started off as a simple means of expression and disseminating of information, can become so misused – all in the name of money, greed, and web hits.

Goodbye: sincerity, honesty, friendliness, inspiration. Hello: lawsuits, plagiarism, unoriginality, war.

Perhaps I should consider forgoing daily visits to the portal; only then I will be spared from the insanity and silliness that apparently plagues us, making us a laughing stock of the nation.

After all, ignorance is bliss.

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  1. Does Eyeris say cock-a-doodle-do while sitting on the fence?

    Come on, let’s start a blog war on Rantglass! Can invite Tigers from Shaolin and sunflower artists too! Yay, join the fray!
    Wonger | 17/11/05 09:43 AM

  2. Wonger – Oi! You’re so going to get it from me later. -_-
    Strizzt | 17/11/05 08:00 PM

  3. It’s the teething stage for PPS, isn’t it? It’ll get better…. one particular PPS pain has left the scene, and eventually (hopefully) it’ll all settle down again.
    Sashi | 18/11/05 10:59 AM

  4. i didn’t know self-proclaimed emperors had teething stages.

    anyway, ignorance, in the form of the verb rather than the adjective, can oftentimes be bliss, yes.
    soporific | 18/11/05 01:46 PM

  5. Sashi – Teething stage? Heh heh. Not sure if I’m just being pessimistic, but I can foresee more people misusing the power of this self-publishing concept. Or maybe I’ll just surrender and call it evolution.

    Soporific – I’m exceptionally dense today, I had to read the ignorance part of your comments several times. Sigh…
    Strizzt | 18/11/05 08:01 PM

  6. that’s because i made a mistake. i meant verb instead of noun.
    soporific | 20/11/05 08:09 PM

  7. shhhhh
    no sense attracting them here now ;)
    Lainie | 21/11/05 10:08 PM

  8. I don’t say cock-a-doodle-doo. I just sit and laugh at the stupidity of it all. BUAHAHAHAHA!
    eyeris | 22/11/05 11:05 AM

  9. Lainie – Shhh. :) I’d know only when my website’s hits skyrocket like crazy. As it is, I’m content with my number of daily visitors.

    Eyeris – BUAHAHAHAHA indeed. :P
    Strizzt | 22/11/05 08:24 PM

  10. I’m still keeping your photo in my wallet. People often ask me about you if they see the photo. Put it on your site. You’ll be popular.
    Keat | 24/11/05 11:07 AM

  11. Keat – What?! Since when do you have my photo? I suppose it’s not a decent photo at that, too. Hmph.

    In any case, I’ve put a picture of myself up here. That was my first and last time, too.
    Strizzt | 27/11/05 08:51 PM

  12. wah keat, putting pple’s picture in ur wallet all. i mean, seriously.
    soporific | 28/11/05 10:33 AM

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