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Suddenly, I felt uncomfortable, fidgeting in my seat uneasily.

Before I knew it, I had let out one really loud and horrible belch-cough-sneeze combination, which would have been pretty amazing, actually – except for the fact that it happened at a public place – in a restaurant full of unsuspecting diners, in fact. I realised that my two friends were staring alarmingly at me, as if I had just sprouted a pair of green horns with yellow little dots, on my head.

“I must have overstuffed myself,” I managed to squeak, embarrassed.

I do not quite know how it happened. Honest. I have never experienced anything like that before.

They politely let it slide, though. Looks like no one will be calling me out for meals anytime soon…

We then went to everyone’s favourite D-I-Y furniture store – yes, the one with the distinct blue and yellow colours on its logo – and, well… it was my first visit there since its inception at its ‘new’ quarters.

“Kids…!” I had muttered darkly at those that crossed my path that day, be it in those bright, annoying roller shoes of theirs, or pushing their loaded trolleys through the crowded aisles as if their pants were on fire.

But then, I returned home to find my twenty-month-old nephew pointedly turning his head away from me with a “hmph!” at every other opportunity.

Sorry-lah, Ian. Auntie loves you, really. :-(

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  1. perhaps liquid had found its way to the nasal cavity and caused a alarming reflex.
    but things like that happen, my friend once ended up with small bits of peas/corn/carrot coming out his nose.
    soporific | 08/11/05 09:57 AM

  2. i dont remember the belch-cough-sneeze combo. but then again, i have short term memory. =)

    lets do this outing again! it’s fun!
    cretin | 08/11/05 08:00 PM

  3. Soporific – Eek. Well, perhaps I should be thankful that it wasn’t worse…

    Cretin – Well, being able to catch up with friends again is always fun. ;)
    Strizzt | 08/11/05 08:23 PM

  4. yeah, how about next week?
    soporific | 08/11/05 11:31 PM

  5. I can’t really imagine what it must’ve sounded like. Some people find belching funny.
    Ali | 09/11/05 02:59 AM

  6. Soporific – Eh.. you’re kidding, right?...

    Ali – Trust me, you wouldn’t like to know how it sounded like. :P
    Strizzt | 09/11/05 08:24 PM

  7. Soporific doesn’t kid nowadays. He actually made it to a reunion.
    Mint | 09/11/05 11:28 PM

  8. even in jest, there is truth.
    soporific | 10/11/05 09:45 AM

  9. Mint – Ah, so soporific’s been busy attending gatherings and reunions, eh. :D

    Soporific – Er… next time, then…
    Strizzt | 10/11/05 08:21 PM

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