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Taking a break from the darned ‘novel’.

Ah, I am surrounded by lovely, lovely music. I feel like I could have done a pirouette in the air.

Well, it all sort of began with Badly Drawn Boy, aided by his unwilling partner-in-crime Hugh Grant and one particular dead duck.

Then, it was Damien Rice, despite the cringe-worthy opera-singing track that wrapped up his album O.

Recently, David Gray. I listened to the build-up leading to the rousing piano-and-strings-piece finale in the song Alibi, and wham! I was sold.

And now, James Blunt and his sexy, whiny voice. “Hides my true shape, like Dorian Graaayyyyy…” Besides, this dude has got one colourful history, indeed.

You see the pattern here.

(shuffles feet uneasily)

Yes, I am falling for British crooners.

Of course, Chris Martin in the Fix You video would have made my jaw drop, but then Gwyneth’s face came into mind.

Moving along, there is Death Cab for Cutie’s Marching Bands of Manhattan (“... half empty or half full”; and it was fun to sing along to that particular line).

But ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead’s Will You Smile For Me Again beats them all hands down: based on the strength of that head-bang-and-finger-tapping-on-keyboard-furiously-inducing track alone, I am ready to go out and get Worlds Apart (funnily enough, Ode to Isis made me check if I had popped in the ominous chanting of soundtracks to green code instead).

The bad thing about this album, is that, well, some of the songs remind me of… Blink 182.


See, that is why I do not do music reviews.

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  1. I’m listening to James Blunt too… Army infantry turned alternative musician… brilliant! I absolutely love ‘Tears and Rain’, ‘Cry’ and ‘Billy’! “You’r Beautiful” is beautiful notwithstanding, a song with a certain admirable éclat, but it’s getting a little bit bland to the ear, thanks to incessant air time it receives on national radio… You have good music taste, I have to say.
    yszm | 05/11/05 09:05 PM

  2. yszm – Heh. My favourites include ‘Tears and Rain’ and ‘Billy’ too, as well as ‘Out of My Mind’.

    It’s sad when radio stations have to play a song so frequently; in time, it’d actually reduce a music listener’s appreciation for the song.

    By the way, did I, er, mess up your mysql database? I thought it’d retain your previous writings?
    Strizzt | 05/11/05 11:26 PM

  3. Have you got the “The L Word Soundtrack”? It’s pretty ‘ear-watering’.

    Don’t worry about the website, it’s work in progress. I’m trying to code the entire site in CSS boxes instead of HTML tables.
    yszm | 06/11/05 11:27 AM

  4. yszm – Hmm! You’ve watched ‘The L Word’? (raises an eyebrow)
    Strizzt | 06/11/05 06:45 PM

  5. ‘delicate’ and ‘cold water’ makes me want to curl up and melt away every time. heh.
    tim | 06/11/05 08:15 PM

  6. Yeh, chic, avant-garde and sheer eye-opener. Favourite quote: Every girl is a lesbian until they are not.
    yszm | 06/11/05 09:27 PM

  7. as far as those ‘crooners’ go, damien rice tops them all. blunt? i’m sorry, he just hasn’t got the subtlety. but if you’re looking for an heir to bob dylan’s empty throne, then sufjan stevens looks the best bet right now.

    wtf do u mean Trail of Dead reminds you of Blink 182? hello?
    soporific | 06/11/05 11:39 PM

  8. Tim – Most of his songs do. :)

    yszm – Yikes, that’s quite some quote. Man, I feel really odd now…

    Soporific – I know you’re going to kill me for that Blink 182 thing. :P But one or two of the songs really did for me, especially the title track (the one that starts with laughing kids and “Fuck you, man”).

    Absolutely love the first two, and last two songs, though.
    Strizzt | 07/11/05 12:11 AM

  9. Different cup of tea for different people.
    yszm | 07/11/05 10:51 AM

  10. good stuff. Rock on (:
    rebel_heart | 07/11/05 01:18 PM

  11. yszm – Yep. Well, I like iced lemon tea.

    rebel_heart – Rock on. :)
    Strizzt | 07/11/05 08:18 PM

  12. i like my sugar with coffee and cream.

    anyway, the title track was meant with irony, they know it’s stupid that bands use expletives to sell a pseudo-anti-establishment image, except in this case, this band IS ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT. the rest of the song, is still great, unlike anything blink 182 could come up with.
    soporific | 08/11/05 09:59 AM

  13. Blink 182? Urgh.

    Fix you video? a bit pointless, doncha think? But then, when I’m listening to the song on my iPod and walking through a mall, I always pretend I’m chris martin in that video… but I stop short of breaking into a run when the break comes in, of course
    eyeris | 08/11/05 05:40 PM

  14. Soporific – Ah, okay. Anyway, I’ve, er, taken that particular track off the playlist. By the way, did you use the music coupon? I think it expires tomorrow…

    Eyeris – Uggh, indeed. :P Yeah, it’s always only Chris in the videos, and walking, walking and more walking… which has been done to death since ‘Yellow’. At least ‘The Scientist’ was, er, a bit more creative.

    And despite that, I’d feel like I’m in a music video, too, when I listen to songs on my mp3 player while walking. :P I’ve always thought it a magical feeling to have nothing but only music in your ears.
    Strizzt | 08/11/05 08:33 PM

  15. shit, i havent used it. maybe i still can tmr.

    why would anyone want to pretend to be a prissy lil shitkicker?:)
    soporific | 08/11/05 11:35 PM

  16. pretending to be in a music video is fine, but don’t you wish sometimes that people could here the song you are listening to as well and see betapa bergaya-nya you are imitating the music video? haha
    eyeris | 09/11/05 12:11 PM

  17. haiyo, so glamer.

    most of the time, i like the idea that when i’m listening to my music, nobody else is listening to it, so that there’s the whole ‘i know something you don’t’ vibe. especially with like, radiohead or elbow or other understated sorta people.
    who, me? elitist? i refute you thus!
    soporific | 09/11/05 01:02 PM

  18. I can’t seem to keep a straight face while reading all those comments. :P
    Strizzt | 09/11/05 08:26 PM

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