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Merry parry.

The roads are so empty, I feel as though I could have stopped on the highway right there and then, jump out of the car to dance a jig, and still emerge unscathed. If only driving to work everyday is as breezy as it is this week…

It simply shows that that scenario is possible. But why do we still have to spend a significant amount of our precious time stuck in traffic jams? I probably spend an average of half an hour on a working day sitting through traffic jams, which is absolutely ridiculous.

“Go home later-lah.” Unfortunately, the traffic conditions will only be lighter after ten at night.

In any case, traffic jams are the times when you get to make general observations. Like how the driver in the car next to yours seemed to be talking animatedly in a heated exchange with an imaginary friend, complete with exaggerated hand gestures and solemn facial expressions – until you spy the miniscule earpiece hooked over his ear. Or how a Kancil seems to be bouncing on the road, as the driver indulges in some serious headbanging, presumably to the addictive beats of some dance music.

Sometimes, you can relieve your boredom by counting the number of mini green soldiers engaged in combat on the next car’s dashboard. Or be sympathetic to the many well-known cartoon characters stuck helplessly to another car’s rear window.

Apparently, girls often undertake the task of decorating their guy friends’ cars.

I wonder how true that is.

I mean, my car looks so horribly plain, nothing indicates that it is owned by a female driver. No lacey materials on the backseats. No yellow cushions with strings of baubles attached to it. No stickers proclaiming that I am a graduate of university so-and-so. Not even so much of a nose of a hanging pink gorilla. And above all, no bobbing heads of six dwarfs on the dashboard, simply because Dopey’s had fell off.


I am amazed. How do you people do it? Achieving more than ten thousand words in two days? Sniff.

A simple calculation tells me that I am supposed to whip up an average of 1667 words a day – and already I am struggling to fulfil that relatively merciful quota. Plus, I will have to juggle the writing with training and work commitments later on.

Besides, I am worried about one thing – that the story will finish before I reach 50,000. Now, that is really going to hurt.

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  1. hm. im definitely not writing that fast.. :P

    haha. and hey, there’s no need to compare, remember that there really isn’t a prize for being the fastest to get it done, eh? ;) i dunno, i plan to just enjoy the writing for now… and your excerpts actually sound rather promising! add oil to strizzt!
    nerdook | 02/11/05 09:04 PM

  2. Nerdook – Nah, no prize. Only self-satisfaction. ;) I’m actually having fun with this (only when I’m not faced with writer’s block, heh heh). Add oil add oil!
    Strizzt | 03/11/05 10:17 AM

  3. ten thousand words in two days is not as impressive a feat as actually having ten minutes worth of ideas.
    soporific | 04/11/05 12:55 AM

  4. Soporific – I agree.
    Strizzt | 04/11/05 06:55 PM

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