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Into the other looking glass.

Contemplation. Frustration. Indecision.

Then, I made the move.

For all things Nanowrimo (for now, anyway) – updates, excerpts, so-called progress, choices of mental institutions – head on over to Rhymeglass at http://rhymeglass.insatiably.net.

I know, I know. But I could not find any proper words beginning with the letter ‘r’ that can be effectively added as a prefix to ‘glass’. Another option was ‘rain’, but I think ‘rhyme’ will be able to convey the, er, meaningful existence of the subdomain a little bit more. Ahem.

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  1. cool! haha.

    im posting it chapter by chapter, just churned out the first thousand words at work (yes i know, it’s a public holiday..). looking forward to reading your nanowrimo entry… :P
    nerdook | 01/11/05 12:10 PM

  2. Nerdook – I will only be posting excerpts. The whole story will be up when it’s done. :) I’ve only managed 1000 words today, for now, sigh. This is harder than I thought… oh, and good luck!
    Strizzt | 01/11/05 06:29 PM

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