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Worlds apart.

These days, I am beginning to wish that I keep a camera in my car. The new workplace is located in a desert, which is simply devoid of towering skyscrapers and big, ugly billboards, thus guaranteeing a lovely, expansive view of clear, blue skies.

I do not intend to master the art of snapping pictures while behind the wheel, though.

Something stirred within me a few days ago, when I stopped at the traffic lights while on my way to work. A white dog with black patches on its body, tongue lolling, was trotting down the busy road dodging motorcycles and snaking through vehicles both moving and stationary, seemingly oblivious to the obvious danger.

But it did not look like it was wandering aimlessly; it seemed to have a place in mind, and it wanted to get there anyway.

That simple sight moved me, somehow. I know not why, but it brought a lump to my throat. I was fervently wishing that it would find its way to wherever it wanted to go. Safely, and in one piece.

Oh, I probably know you…

On another note… wow. Does the world revolve around me or what? Impressive, but so damn weird. Definitely an eye-opener.

That is what they call connections. Links. Sure, we are all in some way or another related to one another. The interesting question, would be how? Once the revelation is laid out in front of you, the absurdity of it all is mightily obvious. “No way,” you say.

Loop-a-loop; we are no perfect strangers, then. I suspect we could try illustrating colourful mind maps and drawing out some rough family trees, and it will turn out that we are all one big family, after all… albeit not necessarily a happy one, judging from the sorry state of our world today.

Are they sure that it is six degrees of separation? Because it seems to be very much less than that.

This also well qualifies as one of the things that make me paranoid. Clearly, this will not be the last time I bring this up, either.

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