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Take that, Billy Mack!

To be able to love, and to be loved in return, is a gift.

If I cannot join Nanowrimo, I might as well write here more regularly – just like how I used to (makes me wonder how did I ever achieve daily entries during my, ahem, ‘days of glory’...) – instead of leaving it in the sorry state that it is now.

It is a bit too late – or early – for a new year’s resolution. Not that I ever made any in the first place, but I think it will bring no harm to set it as a personal goal to update more frequently.

Besides, yesterday’s censored-for-the-benefit-of-Malaysians viewing of Love, Actually failed to generate the desired magic that had once possessed me not too long ago.

Yep, first-times are always the best – always full of wonderful surprises, and the pleasure of not knowing what will happen next.

You can also snicker all you want that my three favourite romantic comedies all have Hugh Grant in it. Purely coincidental, I assure you.

I mean, like, well…

Explosive action, smoking guns, and green code trailing down monitor screens. If there are any bullets, know that I will be watching. But now, I even go weak in the knees and get a fuzzy feeling when I hear men floppy-haired blokes with blue eyes going “whoops-a-daisy!” in a British accent, which I deem… sexy.

Heck, my music interests have also taken a dive – from banging drums and screaming vocals – to calming piano melodies and guitar-work that makes me want to attempt playing it on my own, too. Yes, despite the fact that I no longer have a piano and simply fail miserably in playing the guitar.

Hey, I used to play Doom. God-mode lah, of course. Absolute fun in shooting aliens and monsters to pulp. Now, how is the movie like?

Something tells me that I have mellowed a lot. Still, I prefer to go with the explanation that I am just varying my interests. La la la.

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  1. of course it’s purely coincidental. the incidents all being that hugh grant was casted in them.
    soporific | 23/10/05 01:29 AM

  2. i think you’re just mellowing with age! haha… how do you feel about gardening?
    nerdook | 23/10/05 03:06 PM

  3. Soporific – Ahem. Of course.

    Nerdook – Gardening?! Not my thing. Phew.
    Strizzt | 23/10/05 08:44 PM

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