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Three toll booths.

Okay, okay. Point taken.

Still, I thought it was rather unnecessary to have to be greeted by a picture of a man holding up a severed head of a tiger, with its once-healthy body now reduced to mere shreds of fur, meat and bones, as part of today’s front page of a newspaper.

No, that is hardly what I would like to see first thing in the morning, when I am just about to take a bite of my strawberry-jam-and-butter bread, a steaming hot cup of tea by my side.

Oh, the pain, and the horror!

Sure, pictures can convey meanings and messages, much more powerful than strings of words and letters. But… a part of me is uncomfortable with it. Not because of the dreadful image, or the terrible representation of what humans are capable of (we know that enough, already) – I think it is because of the way it had to be sensationalized and made into an exclusive.

Of course, you can tell that that picture will definitely make a significant impact on its viewers. In this case, the tiger had to be a tool, wielded by the powers that be, to get the message across.

It works.

A milder picture of, say, a mugshot of a tired forest ranger with bags under his eyes, or even a file picture of a tiger standing majestically on a cliff beneath the blue sky, would fail to generate the desired waves of anger and concern from the public.

I know I may sound ridiculous, but can the tiger be accorded a proper burial, instead of being paraded like that?

Then again, we have had to stomach pictures of a crying politician gracing the headlines recently.

Well, that is news for you.

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  1. well, can’t say they don’t know their market.
    soporific | 16/10/05 10:18 PM

  2. When the buying stops, ... you know the rest.
    Ali | 16/10/05 11:17 PM

  3. Soporific – Indeed, indeed.

    Ali – I still don’t understand how heartless some people can be. Sigh…
    Strizzt | 17/10/05 08:05 PM

  4. I think it boils down to $$$.
    Ali | 18/10/05 03:51 PM

  5. what a way to have breakfast eh?! most journalist tend to overlook the issue of being a lil more sensitive in return for a clear headline shot over the newspaper =) well, hope it wont be a clear shot of a dead body next time…
    babes…i switched to blogspot, do take note of the change of my url aight?! thanks… =)
    ecstacy | 19/10/05 12:29 PM

  6. Ali – Ah, money. Also the source of all evil.

    Ecstacy – A good piece of news sells. ;) Ah, migrated to Blogspot I see! Will change the URL later.
    Strizzt | 19/10/05 09:02 PM

  7. i think most journalist would happily trade a head/byline to be more sensitive if only their editors could be more sensitive and not beat them silly for being scooped by the competition.
    soporific | 22/10/05 02:35 PM

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