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Exit stage right.

“We heard. True ah?”

“So soon! Why?”

“Where are you going?”

“When’s your last day?”

“So secretive lah you!”


Word travels fast, and I spent two weeks fielding questions, left and right.

One thing still has not changed: bloody hell, I am such a bad, bad liar.

Does not stop word from getting around, though.

I tried to refrain from being too emotionally attached to the workplace: to stop being all sentimental, to not feel guilty about leaving, and all that bullshit; but it did not work.

The final day came, and my heart seemed to weigh tonnes heavier. Thank-you cards all given out, I made a quick, hasty exit to fight back the tears.

It is not so much the place that I will miss, but its people. Above all, it will always be fondly remembered as my first foray into the working world.

So next week, I will have to go through that darned routine: shake hands with strangers, memorise new names and faces, shown to a brand new cubicle, handle new tasks.



Yes, I surprised myself by making this big leap, too. Sadly, I am not proud of it.

On air now: Soul Meets Body, Death Cab for Cutie

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  1. well… at least you’ll get to meet more people. :) hopefully you’ll have lots of interesting stories about the new place!
    nerdook | 13/10/05 10:24 AM

  2. ;)) tht’s rite babe. yeeeeehaaah!
    together we’ll ride on a white stallion to the pink moon.
    i’ll be the prince, and u, the princess.
    * orgasmic mode *
    echobrainless | 13/10/05 02:07 PM

  3. Nerdook – Yep, that’s one positive way of looking at it, I guess. :D

    echobrainless – Stop your fantasies lah. :P And puh-lease, do I look like a princess to you? I’d rather be a prince. I think.
    Strizzt | 13/10/05 07:18 PM

  4. Okok. You two stop arguing. Be my princesses.
    Keat | 13/10/05 09:39 PM

  5. Keat – You. Wish.
    Strizzt | 14/10/05 07:13 PM

  6. so are you going to be earning more or what?
    soporific | 16/10/05 10:23 PM

  7. Soporific – Definitely.
    Strizzt | 17/10/05 08:01 PM

  8. so, this supposed meetup with sze, if it ever happens, you’re buying rite?
    soporific | 18/10/05 11:58 PM

  9. Soporific – We’ll see, we’ll see. :P
    Strizzt | 19/10/05 08:59 PM

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