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The mirror doesn't work.

Ian was popping nuts into his mouth atop the baby chair, as the adults made small talk while waiting for the restaurant’s waiters to bring food to the table.

“Well, I can’t quite see where he gets his thick lips from,” observed my aunt.

Both my brother and his wife then turned to me as one, pointing at me. I nearly choked on my chinese tea.

“What the…,” I spluttered.

No, I so do not have thick lips! Bah.

Wonderful, is it not, that others can see so much more than what you usually see from the mirror. We have become so accustomed, so used to seeing ourselves every day, that we neglect the very things that make us, us.

The truth has always been right in front of you; yet in some ways, still remain elusive.

Then again, I reckon my lips are not as thick as Angelina Jolie’s or Amber Chia’s, in order to attract considerable fame and fortune…

Details of this entry.Thursday, October 06, 2005, filed under Musings.
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  1. Why don’t you post a photo of your lips and let us, your visitors, be the judge of whether you have thick lips or not? ;)
    Ali | 07/10/05 01:30 AM

  2. It’s like I didn’t think I had small ears until a kid I was babysitting said I did!
    Nikki-ann | 07/10/05 06:51 AM

  3. I reckon they are! Pouty lips!
    Keat | 07/10/05 08:47 AM

  4. Comparing Ian’s photo of August ‘05 with the MMU photo of herself that Strizzt carelessly published in this blog in about July 2002, I can confirm a distinct similarity in their lips. I don’t think I’d call them thick, though.

    But more similar still are their eyebrows.
    Tim Frost | 07/10/05 11:57 AM

  5. i think she carefully published it only to be carelessly/callously brought up again years later.
    however, thick lips she has but pouty lips are the domain of ms. jolie and chia.
    soporific | 07/10/05 01:45 PM

  6. Oh yes, you do have thick lips … tee hee ;))
    Shom | 07/10/05 02:41 PM

  7. ok what thick lips??verryy sexxayyyyy…bet u still look like Ms. Jolie, ahmoi version.. ;)
    temi | 07/10/05 06:40 PM

  8. Ali – Good try, but there are no plans to put up pictures of myself. :P

    Nikki-ann – Heh heh.. kids say the darndest things! :D

    Keat – They’re not!

    Tim Frost – Ack! What is it about the eyebrows?

    Soporific – So you think I have thick lips, too? Noooooo!... Then again, it’s not really a, uhm, bad thing, eh?

    Shom – Sigh… looks like I have to resign to the fact that I do have somewhat thick lips…

    Temi – Yikes! No thanks. :P
    Strizzt | 08/10/05 10:31 AM

  9. thick lips you have!

    remember all the caricature i draw of you? always the thick lips to distinguish you from the rest. =)
    cretin | 08/10/05 12:44 PM

  10. Ah, well. You saw that huh? It was worth a shot.
    Ali | 09/10/05 03:52 AM

  11. Cretin – Eek! I never noticed. Man… this is embarassing. :D

    Ali – Heh heh. No worries. Who knows, vanity might take over one day…
    Strizzt | 09/10/05 11:00 AM

  12. You are lucky. Some ladies would do anything to have thick lips even to the extent of even injecting stuff in them.
    Adam | 09/10/05 01:02 PM

  13. yeah, and even though i’m not a lady, i’m glad my lips aren’t of the skiny persuasion either.
    soporific | 09/10/05 11:11 PM

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