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All wired up in a dawning ray.

Now, now, Mr Gray. I am warning you: stop serenading me.


This marks the return of the annoying tapping of fingers on the keyboard, and possibly, the faraway dreamy look I will have plastered on my face for the whole day.

At least one can still press the ‘stop’ button if the music is played from a CD.

Unfortunately, such a command does not seem to exist in this brain of mine.

I get the feeling that it could be worse once I get my hands on an iPod.

Still, it does not do much in warding off the freezing conditions at the workplace. The air-conditioning system seems to be blowing cold air right out from the North Pole itself, prompting us to dress for the winter.

Imagine stepping into an office in a tropical country and seeing everyone wearing thick jackets, donning gloves and mittens, with hoods over their heads. A snowman with a crooked carrot for a nose, and two mismatched buttons for its eyes, stands solemnly at the reception area to greet visitors. Icicles form at the corners; drops of water drip slowly from the ceiling, wetting the carpeted floor.

Okay, okay. That has yet to happen, although we all are wearing thick jackets. Also, there have been serious suggestions of wearing gloves and mittens, due to our regular usage of keyboards (or perhaps they were just saying it with a straight face…). I have seen a colleague with a hood over his head.

Then the emails complaining about the situation came pouring in; they were mostly amusing, full of wit, puns, and wordplay.

Yep, I shall miss this place.

On air now: Nos De Caraid, David Gray

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  1. I found steamed-up glasses to be the biggest bother when stepping outside from a severely air-conditioned environment.

    But were the glasses half steamed-up or half clear?
    Tim Frost | 06/10/05 06:28 AM

  2. i love the cold! hehe. i seem to work best when im freezing half to death. :P

    p/s it would be pretty hard to type with gloves/mittens on. ;)
    nerdook | 06/10/05 07:21 AM

  3. Are you leaving us too?
    Keat | 06/10/05 12:25 PM

  4. Hm, air conditioned environment has less moisture too. Makes you thirsty easier.
    Ali | 06/10/05 04:43 PM

  5. Tim Frost – Heh. I tend to avoid the half-full/half-empty question because I, er, don’t really know how to answer it. :D

    Nerdook – Eek, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything other than my chattering teeth!

    Keat – No, no. I’ll still be around.

    Ali – Yeah, you’d get dehydrated easily. :l Freezing cold air-conditioning hampers productivity!
    Strizzt | 06/10/05 09:46 PM

  6. i tend to avoid the half-full half-empty question because it’s unfuuny as fuck unless there is a sense of irony to be derived which in this case, there isn’t.
    soporific | 07/10/05 01:53 PM

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