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Tonight I'm running wild.

I am on a high. Again. I bet that this time around, the effects will not last very long. I do not feel like I am about to leap high into the cool night air and do a pirouette, or dive headlong into a swimming pool the shape of a half-crescent moon.

It really is wonderful, though, what good books and music can do for you. They make a very unusual combination that cannot be easily put into words, so do not ever underestimate its power.

Gives a little adrenaline rush. Makes your heart ache. Butterflies in the stomach. Drum your fingers to the beat. Lifts your spirits. Turn the pages in anticipation. Dance a little jig. Bursting at the seams.

It is akin to being under the spotlight, standing in the middle of a stage with not an audience in front of you, singing your heart out. Not a worry or a hint of uneasiness, at all.

I felt like I was in the thick of the action; as if I were him, the unmistakable feeling of magic coursing down my veins, in the thrilling ride of an amazing adventure. Simply enchanting, and almost dream-like.

FitzChivalry Farseer did it. So did Drizzt Do’Urden. Strider succeeded somewhat.

But Nicholas Sayre is my new hero; for the moment, anyway. That says something for a book made up of only 109 pages. Already, I want to escape to the Old Kingdom. Yes, because magical realms always seem so wonderful, so beautiful, and so dangerous.

I needed something to keep me company, and maintain my sanity. Before I return to being empty, alone and afraid; before I begin to take pleasure from pain. Yeah, I wonder how much more sadistic I can get, too.

On second thoughts, I really should do away with the reviews category soon, because my so-called reviews have been really… weird.

Damn it. Only 109 pages, and already I am reduced to a blabbering idiot.

On air now: Alibi, David Gray

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  1. There’s a fantasy movie being released end of this year. I can’t remember what it’s called. Argh!
    Ali | 28/09/05 10:38 PM

  2. Ali – Hmm… I think that would be part of the Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
    Strizzt | 29/09/05 09:36 AM

  3. Oh yeah. That’s the one.
    Ali | 29/09/05 02:23 PM

  4. Ali – Read the book first. :)
    Strizzt | 30/09/05 09:07 AM

  5. I’m sure when the movie is released, the book will be everywhere. Right now, they are kinda hard to find where I live.
    Ali | 30/09/05 02:41 PM

  6. the books are everywhere. and that’s not really necessary. do whichever you want first.
    soporific | 30/09/05 11:28 PM

  7. Ali – Yep, you’ll have no trouble finding the book once the movie’s out. Actually, the books are beginning to appear prominently on bookshelves already…

    Soporific – I’d always like to first read the source material though.
    Strizzt | 01/10/05 12:14 AM

  8. well, that’s the one you want to do first then.
    in my opinion, different mediums call for different criticisms.
    soporific | 02/10/05 05:57 PM

  9. Soporific – Fair enough. ;)
    Strizzt | 03/10/05 09:43 PM

  10. The Keys to the Kingdom ROCKS! Creature in the Case ROCKS! Old Kingdom ROCKS!

    eyeris | 04/10/05 06:00 PM

  11. Eyeris – Yes, yes, yes! But I’ve only read Creature in the Case. :l Didn’t see the books during my recent visits to two bookstores.. are they in the kids’ section?
    Strizzt | 05/10/05 09:37 AM

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