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Pallity pallity pom.

Brrrrum, ba ram pom pom.

Short of bursting into song and spreading the infectious joy, I have been withdrawing into my usual self of stalking around unseen and unheard while at work.

Yep, the after effects are beginning to wear off. I no longer feel like I am floating on air, or having that incessant buzzing of a song for hours in my ears.

They can always easily be revived by mp3s and DVDs, but it is a Friday. Things can get really unbearable while I resume my duties to being a ‘waiter’ and be the one who cleans up the dishes and draws the curtains and shutters to a close late at night.

The weekend beckons. Next week could be payday. Then there will only be three months left before everyone around the world starts pulling out their party hats and toss confetti into the air… again.

And then what?

Scratch all that. I need the weekend, that is all.

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  1. I need a weekend following a payday. Sweet..
    Ali | 24/09/05 04:14 AM

  2. Ali – I’d need one, too. This week’s gonna be a long week…
    Strizzt | 25/09/05 09:10 PM

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