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Christmas is all around...

There seems to be something magical in the air.

Or perhaps it is just me.

Look, it is not everyday I feel like this. I have my ups and downs, but this is just… insane. For a bit, anyway.

The music plays like a broken record player in my mind; still, it never fails to make me smile. It has been so for a few weeks now, and I still cannot get it off my head. An annoying buzz buzz it is. If anything, it makes me feel vulnerable. Despite that, it is something that I cannot keep away; nor would I really want to.

Probably it could well qualify as a soundtrack to my life.

Then, when it comes to thinking about the movie, it makes me want to do nothing else but curl up into a ball, and watch the world go by.

Aah, watching all the beautiful people come together may appear a bit too good to be true. Reality, however, has demonstrated that wonderful things can happen. With a lot of other factors, added in, of course: blue skies, lush green grass, squishy red strawberries; leading to the ultimate.

All it takes is a little spark at the start, to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling.

I just could not understand why the effect it had on me could be that intense.

It is like, being in love without actually being in love, I guess. Or at least I would like to think of it that way.

Hugh Grant (aieee!) is the connection between the two, and now both has to go to my to-buy list.

Oh my gawd, I cannot believe that I am beginning to love romantic comedies.

I think I need help.

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  1. i’ll hazard a guess.. “love actually”?

    hehe. nothing like a warm fuzzy feeling to make life seem worth living. argh you’ve made me sound like a hopeless romantic now…. help! :P
    nerdook | 20/09/05 07:46 AM

  2. Next to watch: The Perfect Man
    It’s got no Grant but Hillary (yay) Duff and Heather (yayy) Locklear. Go do the quiz! Hilarious.

    And I resent that about Macs. Macs have no worms in them! They are indestructible! It’s the USERS!!
    Disclaimer: I don’t have a Mac.
    Wonger | 20/09/05 09:07 AM

  3. Nerdook – Yes, still reeling a bit from the after-effects of the movie. :P So much romance, so much love.. aaah. Ahem.

    Wonger – Re: Duff – You. Must. Be. Kidding. :P While you’re in the mood for quizzes.. go do the ones at the About a Boy website. Then you can listen to your favourite music too. Heh.

    Well, the Macs at work hangs at least thrice a day. It’s not the user, but the fact that the machine is older than me. Hmph.
    Strizzt | 20/09/05 09:34 AM

  4. wow! You’ve been incredibly productive last 2 days .. 2 posts in a day? That must be a good sign. I love romantic comedies too … :) you know, if this world isn’t all that materialistic maybe we’d start appreciating our jobs more. If only we can do what we really like …. sigh sigh hum ….....
    Shommie | 20/09/05 10:37 AM

  5. My father recently told me that he felt ‘shy’ to tell his friends that his daughter is working as a journalist. :( What the …
    Shommie | 20/09/05 10:39 AM

  6. at least lindsay lohan has big boobs.
    which is more than can be said for duff or macs.

    anyway, if u like grant, how can u not like romantic comedies?
    soporific | 20/09/05 03:24 PM

  7. About a Boy was not bad what….

    MY favorite rom-com? Starship Troopers. :P
    eyeris | 20/09/05 07:19 PM

  8. Shommie – I get productive only when I really have something to write about. As you can see, my life is so terribly mundane, I’ll be lucky to have one post in a week!

    Why ‘shy’? Being a journalist can’t be that bad a thing… “Look, her name’s on the newspapers every day!”

    Soporific – Oh, no! I just realised that three of my favourite romantic comedies do have Hugh Grant in it! Argh!

    There really must be something wrong with me now.

    Eyeris – Oh, I do love ‘About A Boy’, much more than ‘Love Actually’. I was referring to the former’s movie soundtrack (by Badly Drawn Boy) earlier in this entry. :)
    Strizzt | 20/09/05 09:50 PM

  9. Haha. I must see that movie again. I only caught the last half an hour of it and already I think it’s good.
    Ali | 21/09/05 01:02 AM

  10. Shommie’s a journalist? Khor becomes Jane? What else do I not know?

    I still don’t believe you don’t have a boyfriend.
    Keat | 21/09/05 10:31 AM

  11. Ali – You’ll like it if you’re a fan of romantic comedies, I guess. It was an entertaining movie all the same. :)

    Keat – Heh. You’re so out of touch. :D And read the papers more often!
    Strizzt | 21/09/05 09:16 PM

  12. no need to read the papers lah, full of rubbish all these journalists.
    soporific | 27/09/05 10:11 PM

  13. Soporific – Not all are…
    Strizzt | 29/09/05 09:37 AM

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