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The sky. Lovely. Clear. Cloudless. And above all: a beautiful blue.

There, the sound of a… Poslaju van, perhaps. I craned my neck in anticipation, struggling to see what type of vehicle would come into view: but it was only a brown lorry rumbling past, fast disappearing down the road, out of sight.

So it has been well past the expected date of delivery for the box.

I am still waiting, my initial enthusiasm now peppered with pessimism.

I think that sooner or later, I will have to concede defeat to the jaws of fate. I wonder if I should drop down to the grass dramatically, lift my arms up into the air, and wail out loud, “Why? Where the hell is that bloody box?” while out there, the box is… somewhere. But not here.

Ironic. The thing that you have always longed and desired for, unbelievably taking its own sweet time to arrive on your doorstep. Or worse still, you fail to set your eyes on it because it really has been shipped off to Timbuktu.

My parents have been driven to near insanity during the weekend, from my constant sudden screaming of “The box! The box!” around the house. Much to their chagrin, the first words from my mouth to greet them whenever they call me from home (upon my return to uni) – instead of the normal ‘hello’, they get “The box?” instead.

My fears would be allayed somewhat, I think, if someone could tell me that some stuff from Amazon.com really do take more than a month to get here.

Word has it that the box retails for RM990 in our local Tower Records.

On a brighter note, perhaps all those neck exercises could do me some good.

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