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Maybe. Just maybe.

There is always a reason for concern when things become a bit too… nice at work:

—Big Boss bought me my favourite food for tea-time. It was delicious, but I felt awkward all the same.
—Boss 1 leaves me alone. Phew.
—Boss 2 aka Mr. Intimidator gave me an encouraging pep talk. Even if the ‘encouraging’ part lasted only two minutes – “Don’t be shy to ask for overtime lah…”, and “I don’t believe you don’t have a boyfriend!”
—Boss 3 requests me to get some tasks done. Politely. And then… “Why don’t you blog for our website?”
—Getting books. For free.
—Relatively nice colleagues with a good sense of humour.

(Yes, yes – I have a lot of bosses. I think. And Bosses 1-3 are not always that nice. So.)

All that makes it more difficult to walk away, sometimes.

That is, unless you think of the mediocre pay, late nights, unpredictability, lack of holidays, security concerns, various other restrictions, centralised Antarctica-like air-conditioning system, having to jostle for good parking spots, Macs that hang thrice a day, etc.

Sigh. Will I ever get my dream job?

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  1. wow so many bosses and you are still surviving :P. Dont worry you will get your dream job someday only time will tell. So atm just make your big list of bosses happy muahahaha jk jk…
    nick | 19/09/05 09:54 PM

  2. actually.. claiming overtime would make the pay a lot less mediocre, wouldn’t it? especially if you’re already working late nights. :) and yea, i doubt many people land their dream jobs so soon…
    nerdook | 20/09/05 07:49 AM

  3. Nick – Yeah, many things take time. :) For now, I think I’ll just go with the flow and make my many bosses happy. Sigh…

    Nerdook – Nah, the overtime pay wouldn’t amount to much. As in, it wouldn’t be able to get me an iShuffle anyway. Heh.
    Strizzt | 20/09/05 09:29 AM

  4. isn’t it iPod shuffle? iShuffle is an iTunes widget.
    but forget all that, go get the nano.
    and overtime will pay for it, if u give it some time.
    soporific | 20/09/05 03:28 PM

  5. Soporific – iPod Shuffle it is. And I don’t like the look of the iPod Nano. Too pencil thin for me. :P Maybe it looks better in real life…
    Strizzt | 20/09/05 09:35 PM

  6. Your work environment is likely to be more than a dream job for many others! :)
    But then again, when we have this we want more of that. Our expectations rise.
    Keat | 21/09/05 10:24 AM

  7. Keat – Yep, probably a matter of relativity. I’ve not heard you complain about your work, so I guess you do like what you’re doing now.

    Expectations, expectations! It’s worse when you go through a ‘downgrade’, as in hopping into a company with lesser resources/facilities and prospects.
    Strizzt | 21/09/05 09:15 PM

  8. gosh, it looks brilliant in real life. but bloody expensive here. get it in singapore… or.. i can get you a discount for it too;)
    soporific | 24/09/05 10:21 PM

  9. Soporific – Eek! I’ll.. think about it, because for now I do prefer an iPod Shuffle over the Nano.
    Strizzt | 25/09/05 09:12 PM

  10. well, nano’s just a better product. colour screen, better capacity and hardy like nobody’s business.
    soporific | 27/09/05 10:00 PM

  11. Soporific – Been hearing complaints about Nano though. Broken LCD screens, mostly.
    Strizzt | 29/09/05 09:37 AM

  12. hearing from who?
    soporific | 30/09/05 11:30 PM

  13. Soporific – News websites. I should have written “been reading complaints…”, I think.
    Strizzt | 01/10/05 08:48 PM

  14. well, even my ipod’s lcd screen is scratched. apple is partially to blame for implying that u can put it anywhere without adequate protection. but this is like how 50,000 cars a year are hauled in for repairs because their owners poured petrol into them instead of diesel.
    thing is, no effort is really made to stop such a thing from happening by the manufacturers.
    altho, u could argue in apple’s case, the manufacturers could be said to have encouraged it.
    soporific | 02/10/05 05:59 PM

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