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One two three, or four or five.

What the—? And just when I thought our local blogging world cannot stoop any further. I do not understand how can that piece of news possibly warrant enough urgency to decorate the front page of a national daily.

Of course, of course. What else can be more important than the state of our drying dams, or even Britney’s newborn?

So, so, disillusioned. All the publicity revolving around the local blogging community of late… I thought it should do us a whole lot of good at first. I was wrong.

“Block? Blob? What is a blog?” came the bewildered question. But that was years ago.

And now? Fine. People do know. Heck, they say they have a blog, too.

Although I must say that it pains me to see where we are heading to, now. I thought I had written enough about it the last time.

But… apa ni? Why do we continue to give it a bad name, man?

Can we not just write with plain honesty and pleasure, without constantly referring to Google Adsense and cashing in on the money?

Can we not just express our views and opinions with a bit of respect, without resorting to the racism remarks and name-calling?

Can we not just be more responsible?

Surely it cannot be that hard. If we can perform admirably in conversations with others in our everyday life, why is it any different when you are behind the screen? Why do we keep drowning?

Oh, please. You make me sound like a broken CD player. I can repeat myself but I cannot do all the saving alone.

You know, there are already plans to register pre-paid phone users (“Terrorists use phones to set off bombs.” Ha. Ha.), and I have been just plain lazy to do the same for my Touch ‘n Go card.

I am increasingly convinced that one day, we are all going to have to queue up to register our blogs and online journals. Failure to do so, and we shall all be fined, hauled into jails, our so-called rights to freedom of speech forever doomed.

Honestly, by then, this will cease to exist. There will not be a point to it, anymore.

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  1. and i had envisioned me blogging at the age of 80. :p

    but if blogs need be registered..heh. i can kiss that vision good bye
    pb | 17/09/05 09:07 PM

  2. Back then, everyone was worried about napster affecting the music industry, then they worried over Bitorent for films. There were always alternatives to the pioner and in my opinion, should blog become a hassle in the future(unlikely because they affect online business – however the idea of blocking blog sites like in china – yes thats possible), there are alternatives: Podcasting, videocasting ? They might cost a little more >_<

    I do agree somewhat with your point Strizzt but not everyone can express their points profesionally? Culture and age does factor too.

    I guess some people just aren’t aware of the power/impact of blogs. To some people its like “okay, i’ll blog for fun!” they register with a host and start posting trash (to them “its my site and i can post anything i want!”)

    Besides theres no official guide to what can or what should not be posted on blogs. Unofficially, yes there are guides but hardly anyone is aware of them..

    Perhaps someone could write an article about this and sticky it? Get other blog communities to help out as well?

    Should blog ever become a problem, community blogs (friendster/multiply) could help out but then again..i wouldn’t worry about it now.

    Just my thoughts. :)
    t2k | 17/09/05 10:40 PM

  3. pb – Yeah, I hope I would continue Rantglass for as long as I live, too. But ah.. we never know what will happen next.

    t2k – Sure, I wasn’t expecting people to express their views professionally. But what we need is a sense of responsibility, to realise that messages can get across via the Internet very easily, and how it affects the public. Not do the ‘post, run, and hide’ thing because, ‘ooh, I can say whatever I want because I can’.

    I don’t think we need official guides. No one should tell us how to blog (it’s not up to anyone to say which way’s the right way to blog, or not). Because as we see it, blogs are ever changing/evolving, and its concept seems to differ throughout the years. Still, I want to read something that’s good (to me, at least).

    We are human beings, and we should already know how to think, and to be responsible for our writings.
    Strizzt | 18/09/05 11:44 AM

  4. lol..Strizzt, we all may appear as human beings BUT how many of us actually think like one? >_<
    Now now, dont get me wrong. I didn’t point fingers at anyone so dont develope any hard feelings against me. (siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas)

    Everyone should be sensible, should be responsible, should be hardworking – There are people who understand the meaning of should.
    On the other hand, to some extend, certain people view the word should as “it’s just a suggestion” LOL!!

    Oh well, given the time and exposure, hopefully people will come to reliaze the impact/power of blogging and will have a different mindset on their postings.
    t2k | 18/09/05 04:03 PM

  5. So much for freedom of speech.
    Ali | 19/09/05 02:35 PM

  6. t2k – ‘Should’ is not a suggestion; rather, people do know what it means. It’s just that some of us will choose to defy it anyway.

    Well, people already know what blogging can do. That’s why we see such a problem today.

    Ali – Yeah. Maybe there’s no such thing as freedom of speech anymore…
    Strizzt | 19/09/05 09:15 PM

  7. actually, there is an official guide to blogging. it’s called the law. just because you’re online, it doesn’t mean you can do all the things u wished you could do offline. only some.
    however, most people apply this double standard. the same pple who believe they can ‘write whatever they want’ on their blog, also go on to lambast mass media for being biased, inaccurate, irresponsible, as if one form of publication is absolved just because it exists only as electrons.

    of course there’s freedom of speech. it’s in space…, somewhere.
    soporific | 20/09/05 03:32 PM

  8. Soporific – Somewhere, but where? :/
    Strizzt | 20/09/05 09:52 PM

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