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Shhh. Don't let anyone know, but...

I heard his footsteps swiftly approaching me from behind. Tap, tap, tap. I threw a quick backward glance as I rounded a corner. There were only clean, white walls, but not a sign of him – except for the threatening tap, tap, tap.

I slipped through a white door. A washroom consisting of only two cubicles greeted me. I checked my revolver to see if it was well and truly loaded, then held my breath as I stood facing the door from the far corner, next to a water basin and with the wall behind my back. Somehow being in that position gave me a brief sense of security.

That is, until the door swung open and he stepped in with an air of confidence, his gun knowingly pointed towards me. My eyes were trained only on him, for he stood out so glaringly in his black leather outfit against the white door that had slowly ease into a soft click, shutting behind him.

It was then that I realised that I was not holding a revolver anymore. Rather, it was a big, fat squirt gun filled with yellow liquid.

There was nothing else I could do. I was trapped, and I knew I could not escape. A strong sense of hopelessness overwhelmed me. I pulled the trigger anyway, hoping that my only weapon would prove me wrong.

Only a thin thread of the harmless liquid shot out of the nozzle, dirtying the gleaming marble floor.

He must have opened fire just then, for I immediately felt a hot, burning sensation akin to an explosion within me. My legs seemingly turned into jelly, and I slid onto the floor slowly. My hand clutched at my stomach, trying futilely to stop my life from draining away.

There was no blood, however.

I gritted my teeth as he slowly closed the distance between us. The same tap, tap, tap. Cold sweat trickled down my back as I attempted to drive away the horrible pain, but it was all that I could think of. Every sense of mine was attuned to it.

I was barely aware of the presence of his pair of black boots stopping right next to me. I thought there was an unbearingly long pause, as if the wait was meant to both physically and mentally torture me. I became increasingly dizzy, slipping in and out of consciousness.

I finally let darkness embraced me.

Details of this entry.Monday, September 12, 2005, filed under Personal.
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  1. ooo.. cliffhanger! ;) quick… what happens next??
    nerdook | 13/09/05 09:08 AM

  2. Nerdook – Uhm… I don’t know, I woke up then. :P
    Strizzt | 13/09/05 09:24 AM

  3. LOL! effects of too much stress huh? haha…
    nerdook | 13/09/05 11:52 AM

  4. squirt gun with yellow liquid?
    seriously, strizzt.
    soporific | 13/09/05 01:08 PM

  5. You dream strange dreams.
    Ali | 13/09/05 04:54 PM

  6. Nerdook – I don’t know. Embarassing. :P

    Soporific – Actually, that’s not the first time it happened. Most importantly of all.. my guns usually don’t work, i.e. no bullets, got stuck, turn into squirt gun, etc. Geez.

    Ali – Dreams are meant to be strange. :)
    Strizzt | 13/09/05 09:24 PM

  7. I might be able to provide you an insight into your dream. Here’s my intepretation.

    The gun/weapon potrays violence and aggression. Becareful. There is threat ahead. Danger may come.

    The yellow liquid is a sign of confidence in yourself and your abilities but you will encounter opposition. Keep your head up and you’ll do well.

    Leaning againnst the wall shows that you want defense and protection. You seek privacy and security.

    Being wounded means there is pain. Also anger in you. But you’re ready to heal from past damage.

    In a dangerous environment you feel that there is a threatening change and you’re afraid to lose something with the change.

    The door plays a vital role in your dream. It shows there is access. You’re ready to enter into another realm or you want something to be kept private. More importantly, you seek happiness and long life.

    Shooting and being shot. A very negative aspects of self. There is a deep wound within yourself. You must find ways to cure it.

    Hope this helps.
    Keat | 14/09/05 06:21 PM

  8. Keat – Oh no, I don’t sound like a happy person at all…

    (I used to go to dream interpretation websites too, to read others’ dreams and see what they meant.)
    Strizzt | 14/09/05 09:41 PM

  9. Nah. It’s all about sex. Because Freud said so.
    Choon | 15/09/05 01:30 AM

  10. Yah, it’s all about sex too. Freud’s intepretation:

    The gun/weapon…ahh, the gun…you’ve been longing to use/find/touch/fire it.

    Yellow liquid….hmm, secretion from the body? You know best what type of bodily fluid.

    Leaning agaisnt the wall….another position to try it out.

    Being wounded…the pain or rather euphoria you get while engaging….

    In a dangerous environment like in a locked toilet….well, a good spot. To some it’s a turn on.

    The door….yes, always keep in locked. You don’t want others to accidentally come in and find you leaning agaisnt the wall….

    Shooting?....Ahem, you know what to shoot.

    Again, hope this helps.

    (I think I’m crazy)
    Keat | 15/09/05 12:44 PM

  11. Choon – Haha, I tried to read Interpretation of Dreams once. Couldn’t understand anything out of it.

    Keat – Aiyah, don’t make me sound like I want sex so badly. :P
    Strizzt | 15/09/05 09:16 PM

  12. yeah, you just want it good.

    actually, your dream was about how great i am. that’s all.
    soporific | 20/09/05 03:34 PM

  13. Soporific – Bah.
    Strizzt | 20/09/05 09:53 PM

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