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I wonder why I still check the university’s bulletin board on a daily basis. What, am I expecting to find my name there to be called up to the dean’s office, or to get myself ready for the next course registration?

Sometimes it feels weird to not be a student anymore, after having gone through the motions for, oh, two decades. I pause when I fill up forms that require me to state down my occupation. It used to be so easy – just tick the box next to ‘student’, and skip having to worry that someone will smirk at your salary range (“I get paid more than you do! Hah!”).

And as I mentioned before: weekends are a luxury to me now. No more term breaks. Heck, I do not even get to get off on public holidays.

I am supposed to know what to do when I get a punctured tyre, know the number to call when the pipes burst, and how to fill up income tax forms. I am supposed to know how to think, solve problems, pay the bills, tackle responsibilities – in short, being a full-fledged adult.

Do I feel like one? Hell, no.

Old habits die hard, I guess.

In any case, I have never thrived in unpredictability.

I hate not knowing when I can leave the office after a long day at work. I do not like to see plans go to waste because something pops out suddenly out of nowhere, demanding you to stay and fix it.

I like routines. It gives me a sense of security. I want to be able to know what to expect, and if anything untoward happens, I can be assured that I can still counter it with plans B to Z.

Then again, we do not have crystal balls.

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  1. hm. im not even (really) working yet, and i know exactly what you mean. sometimes i wish i was a kid too!! :P but ah well, time to grow up.

    and i got to do my first overtime today. haha.
    nerdook | 08/09/05 11:47 PM

  2. I’m only just doing my internship this semester and already missing my student life. It’s the simple things that matter most like wearing my fave jeans and sneakers to class, skip class when I feel like to, sleep during the day when there’s no class, be late to class, and many more, minus the exam. So carefree, without any responsibilty.

    Now I find myself longing for the weekends, because it’s the only time where I can wake up late and be lazy.
    hyrza | 10/09/05 02:54 PM

  3. Nerdook – Yep, it’s time for me to start acting like a grown up, too. Sigh.

    Oh, and I’m too nice to ask for overtime. My loss, of course. :p

    Hyrza – Thankfully I can still don casual wear to work. No one minds that I wear sneakers and jeans, heh heh.

    Since I’ve started work, I’ve missed out on a lot of things: TV, music, books, and the luxury of just being able to do absolutely nothing.

    Treasure your weekends! :)
    Strizzt | 10/09/05 07:30 PM

  4. yeah, having money sucks.
    soporific | 10/09/05 10:58 PM

  5. Soporific – Only when you know you have to part with it.
    Strizzt | 11/09/05 01:18 PM

  6. I’m kinda the opposite, don’t like routines. After a while they get so mundane that they drive me nuts, then I need to find something new to break the routine. -_-;
    Tiffany | 11/09/05 10:38 PM

  7. Greetings Strizzt! =D

    Well yeah, its these sort of time..the “transaction” period where we have to adjust to new enviroment is a little akward i guess. After a while, i guess eveyone will just somehow grow into adults. (even if they are not, people will perceive them to be :p)

    Dont worry there, just take things one at a time ya.
    alwin | 12/09/05 09:17 PM

  8. Tiffany – Heh.. yeah, routines may be boring, but I prefer to have everything nicely laid out in front of me. I’m the type that simply cannot jump at changes. Every now and then could be fine, but not all the time. It’d drive me crazy!

    Alwin – Greetings, you’re back. :D Yep, eventually we’ll all grow into adults, but we just don’t know when… not that I’m in a hurry, actually.
    Strizzt | 12/09/05 10:46 PM

  9. It seems like you have a tough job. Depends on what’s the characteristics of your job/company, if things are supposed to be done in a planned manner but it’s not and always get messed up by other stuff, could I say that the company, or at least the department isn’t well managed? If that’s your case, it’s time to look for a better job, the best thing you could learn from this company is… i would say… how to handle the frustration and chaos.

    Good luck :)
    red | 16/09/05 07:20 PM

  10. Red – Thanks! :D Nah, I wouldn’t say it’s a tough job. It’s not really the company’s fault, but more on the nature of our work that makes it so. And as you said, not all bad things come out of it, so yep: I’m learning how to deal with unpredictability. :)
    Strizzt | 17/09/05 10:53 AM

  11. look, the nature of our kinda industry is that everything is in a flux. we are dependent on the daily goings on of everything. u cant expect it to run like clockwork.
    soporific | 20/09/05 03:56 PM

  12. Soporific – I know, I know. Being where I am is worse. At least it won’t be that bad if one’s assigned to entertainment/lifestyle.

    Thing is, I didn’t know what I was getting into when I applied and went for the job interview. :D
    Strizzt | 20/09/05 09:55 PM

  13. nobody ever does. in my case, i didnt know it would be this good, in a sense.
    soporific | 24/09/05 10:22 PM

  14. Soporific – Well, you’re definitely one of the lucky ones who enjoys what they do.
    Strizzt | 29/09/05 09:39 AM

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