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Dutiful, but thick.

Gasp, gasp.

I have been overwhelmed by its crass commercialism. Everywhere I turn, people write about it. Painted like a saviour, if only they knew its true colours. Dons a halo. Wields a wand. A pinch of fairydust. Voila!

Publicity is the keyword. And evidently, it has demonstrated its powers. They bowed, worshipped, and have nothing but only good things to say.

Or maybe it is just jealousy at work. Perhaps I had not looked at it as a whole. Maybe it is just a misunderstanding. It has always been a one-sided story.

Oh well. Sometimes people lead people on, to believe whatever they want to believe. We form our own opinions and judgements when facts are not shoved down our throats. Become a sponge, if you will – but there will come a time when you will be left dry, drained of contents and substance.

Ultimately, we will be left without a stand, without principles to hold on to.

Funnylah. No matter what, some people will always have the desire to align themselves with the right people.

I refuse to dwell on it then, so I switched off the computer and disconnect myself from the cyberspace that we have grown to both love and hate.

What would I give to be Will? Modern, metallic-like interiors for a house, endless racks of vinyls and music CDs, a Damon-Gough-penned soundtrack to play to what-might-otherwise-have-been a mundane life, and a Rachel. Oh, and not to mention being jobless and having money falling from the sky onto your lap, of course.

Hardly a need for worries of any sort. Plus, there will not be need for anymore S.P.A.T. meetings, either.

Spells bliss.

Maybe I will fare better living in a storybook. Obviously, I have yet to become someone else’s fantasy.

Ah, what a killjoy…

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  1. heh. which is why i like games so much. :P i never was very social, and all that politics really gets on my nerves. sometimes you just need to get away from it all….
    nerdook | 31/08/05 10:20 PM

  2. how about the storybook where you’re the wicked witch of the west?
    soporific | 31/08/05 11:19 PM

  3. Nerdook – Argh.. playing games is another thing that I long for. No time now, of course. :P

    Soporific – Being a wicked witch doesn’t sound, uhm, cool enough…
    Strizzt | 01/09/05 09:24 PM

  4. exactly. it’s nice to think that if we lived in some other world, we’d find ourselves cast as a character whose life is better than ours.
    wishful thinking is just that.
    soporific | 03/09/05 12:55 PM

  5. Soporific – Doesn’t everyone? :)
    Strizzt | 03/09/05 08:50 PM

  6. yeah, but we should stop bloody doing it.
    soporific | 10/09/05 11:00 PM

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