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I digress...

Why is it so hard to start?

There are many thoughts swirling about in my head. I know what I want. I know what I have to put in. I know what is required. I know how it should be like. And I know how to apply the finishing touches to it.

But damn, I just do not know how to start.

Writing, that is.

No, beginning with ‘Dear Diary…’ will not work.

Maybe I should enrol myself in a writer’s workshop. There are plenty, but I have hardly the time for that now.

Heck, that is what I always complain about. No time, no time. In fact, I can very rarely be persuaded to step out of the house on weekends – they have increasingly become a luxury to me. Two days of pigging out and doing absolutely nothing.

At least we were assured of term breaks every few months or so, when we were still in school. But now… tough luck.

If I were in a comic book, you would see multiple exclamation and question marks littered atop my head, accompanied by black, gloomy clouds. And of course, with a very dazed look on my face to go with it too.

I need to do some catching up. Somebody tell me what are the latest songs on the radio, because I keep hearing the same old songs whenever I tune in while driving home from work.

I mean.. eh? Why do I keep hearing Simple Plan (or is it Good Charlotte? I swear I can never differentiate between them two) and Jessica Simpson for the past few months? Or have I been listening to the wrong radio station?

Can I not have something to light up the mundane life that I lead now? Something really exciting happening at work (I am pretty numb to news by now) – a coffee machine that churns out free coffee 24/7, for instance. Winning the lottery, perhaps. Get free music CDs. Watching all episodes of Lost and 24 at one go, instead of having to periodically miss an episode sometime or another.

See, my requests are so simple, and yet they do not happen.

The solution for now, I think, is to have install a CD player in the car.

Oh my, the sales carnival is ending soon.

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  1. hm. and you’ve only just started working.. gosh. and yes i know wat u mean about the repetitive music!!! haha… i’ve switched to the chinese radio stations, they provide a (wee) bit more variety.

    maybe i’ll flunk my final year on purpose to extend my student’s lifespan. heeee. there’s a thought…
    nerdook | 28/08/05 04:41 PM

  2. oh my… i’m wishing for all of that too. more new music on the radio, writing workshop, free music CDs and watching every single episodes of Lost, 24, Desperate Housewives and CSI.

    And yeah, the Sale’s gonna end up soon. Sob sob :(
    hyrza | 28/08/05 09:42 PM

  3. Nerdook – Wah.. extending your final year just for that? Not good, not good. What you can do is to probably do masters or something. But we cannot be students forever…

    Hyrza – Heh, and I thought I was the only one with the problem, wishing for more new music on the radio.

    Argh, I need to indulge in some last-minute shopping.
    Strizzt | 29/08/05 09:49 AM

  4. actually, it’s easy to tell between simple plan and good charlotte. good charlotte isnt so adolescent but that doesnt really make them so worthwhile either.
    u should just get one of those cassette adaptors and hook up ur mp3 player to it.
    soporific | 29/08/05 02:30 PM

  5. Soporific – Both bands sound the same to me. Nah, I need to put my CDs to good use. I don’t have a radio that plays CDs, you see. Sad, but ah well. :P
    Strizzt | 29/08/05 08:54 PM

  6. i think if u actually paid attention you’ll realise there’s a world of difference between them.
    put ur CDs to use by ripping them then playing them on ur mp3 player. its a cheaper solution than a cd player for ur car. those adaptor thingies cost about rm30 only for a decent one.
    soporific | 30/08/05 10:55 AM

  7. Soporific – Hm, can’t help it if I haven’t been paying that much attention then.
    mp3 player has limited space, and can play for only 2 hours. It’s like a dinosaur compared to what’s in the market today…
    Strizzt | 30/08/05 09:37 PM

  8. you could try some other radio stations? 90.3 or 95.8? or even venture into other languauges sometimes… make your own excitement
    chasyss | 31/08/05 04:14 PM

  9. only two hours? what sorta lousy batteries u been using?
    soporific | 31/08/05 11:08 PM

  10. Chasyss – I was listening to 104.9, but they always play the same songs at that particular hour when I’m driving home from work. Have to switch back to (horrors!) 92.9 now…

    Soporific – It’s not the batteries, it’s the darn thirsty mp3 player, I think. The one from the PC fair.
    Strizzt | 01/09/05 09:27 PM

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