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Oh, okay.

Hm.. so does that mean I will have to wait until it is finished?

Bummer. Oh, well.

Is it done yet?

Is it done yet?

I suppose it is yet to be done, eh?

Hi Mum, I think I will be home late tonight…

Ah, at last. Let me fetch the story.

So you do not want it to appear on the main page?

Right, right, I understand. Fine, I will put it here then.

Yes, I still have to edit it. The formatting goes wonky when I transfer it from the Mac to the PC.

Done. Good night!


Ring, ring.

Yawn. Yes, speaking.

What, I had already put it up before I left the office yesterday.

It is there.

It is there! I just checked it.

It is!

Well, you have to click on that first, then only…

Huh? You want it to be visible on the front page?

From what we discussed yesterday…

Okay, okay. I will fix it when I get to the office later.

Sure, I will see what I can do.

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  1. Hey! Sounds like you’re working! Good, good…
    Wonger | 24/08/05 08:42 AM

  2. Hmph. I hate late nights.
    Strizzt | 24/08/05 09:02 AM

  3. Haha. Superiors and their indecision.
    Ali | 24/08/05 05:28 PM

  4. Ali – Some of them tend to be like that at times. Bah.

    Actually, the problem is that I have too many superiors, and they all give me different orders.
    Strizzt | 24/08/05 09:27 PM

  5. if its any consolation – funny how we say that when we know it isnt – my offic eworks the same way.
    soporific | 24/08/05 11:48 PM

  6. Soporific – Ack. That means I’ll just have to get used to it, eh?
    Strizzt | 25/08/05 09:49 AM

  7. Mac to PC? Nooooooooooo….!!!

    KinkyPugKevin | 25/08/05 10:48 AM

  8. Your work ethic puts your brother to shame…just the other day he was telling me Google Talk was…research… >:)
    joon | 25/08/05 01:40 PM

  9. No, I meant REALLY working. If in work you don’t experience whatever you’ve just blog, then it’s not work at all! There’s more to come!
    Wonger | 25/08/05 02:44 PM

  10. heh. speaking of which.. i’m on overtime now. sigh. better get back to work… =/
    nerdook | 25/08/05 06:18 PM

  11. KinkyPugKevin – !!! What to do… it’s the way things work around here. Sigh…

    Joon – Haha! He does a lot of research indeed. Now he blogs at work! Shall I sound the alarm?

    Wonger – Right, right, whatever you say. La dee da…

    Nerdook – Overtime means more pay, yes? :)
    Strizzt | 25/08/05 09:13 PM

  12. ur brother is my hero:)
    soporific | 26/08/05 11:33 AM

  13. Soporific – Don’t. He’ll read this!
    Strizzt | 28/08/05 03:27 PM

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