Rantglass - because that's how things are.


Textpattern made a leap from 1.0 to 4.0.

Things are still running fine here, so there. No visible changes here, but only at the back-end.

It works, it works.


The comments section is messed up – email addresses now show up, and are required (!!). All this comes with a totally unnecessary additional horizontal scrolling.

Bear with me while I try to fix those problems.

(Edited: 15:45—Should be fixed, now. Sort of. Sigh…)

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  1. Testing.
    Strizzt | 21/08/05 03:40 PM

  2. Testing number 2.
    Strizzt | 21/08/05 03:41 PM

  3. Yay.
    Strizzt | 21/08/05 03:45 PM

  4. It works now, for good.
    Strizzt | 21/08/05 04:39 PM

  5. My precious comments!!!
    joon | 21/08/05 08:58 PM

  6. Joon – Yes yes, they are still intact. :P Just don’t have the time to manually transfer them over… yet.
    Strizzt | 22/08/05 09:38 AM

  7. Make sure, okay?
    joon | 22/08/05 10:38 AM

  8. Ack, why is there a broken image?
    Strizzt | 23/08/05 09:38 AM

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