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I am annoyed.

I am annoyed.

It is a wonder how we all end up hating each other.

Well, not exactly like that.

But everyone else dislikes everyone else, too. The juicy gossips and backstabbing often occur behind closed doors. He may be regarded as a teacher’s pet, but his friends still try to steer clear away from his direction. She is famed for her leadership abilities, but beneath that stance lies a hard interior that many find difficult to like.

Sometimes knowing a person a tad bit too well could produce the wrong results. Something about him or her seems to irk you anyway, but you could not really point out what. The indecisiveness that plagues her everytime she is confronted with dinner suggestions. The way he seems to tilt his head back in an annoying manner when he bursts into merry laughter at your joke.

Yet, if you do not know a person that well, you could easily misunderstand them for who they really are. The sound aloofness in the air and hushes of silence that is produced everytime she enters the classroom stoically. The way he seems to puff out his chest, seemingly in pride whenever you corner him for a bit of conversation.

There is always another side to the story, I believe.

After being told that some actually dislike their peers although they still get along with them as normally as we do, it puts everything in a different perspective. Pretenders, wolves in sheep’s clothing.. or just plain being polite?

Then again, I do not think I should give a damn: after all, I will most likely be the last person to be friends with everyone on this planet.

On another note, reading the television guide these days brings a bit of amusement to me.

I do not know about you, but seeing movies like America’s Sweethearts and The Sweetest Thing being listed under the a government television channel just seems so… odd. The same channel that usually caters to the Muslim population with its lack of… slightly more entertaining shows, usually preferring to focus on programmes that are suppose to drill the good into you: be it of religion, or not. Its much talked-about, recent makeover failed to impress me.

Strange. And for the wrong reasons, it simply became amusing.

On air now: Changes Are No Good, The Stills

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