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Every morning, you pay a visit to the park, and frolic around the lush green grass. He nips at you playfully. You give him a slap in return, then proceed to chase him down until the both of you begin to pant heavily. He gives in, falling to the ground in a heap as you zero into him.

Then another round of playful pawing and biting begins.

In the distance, a white van pulls to a stop, and from it jumps six menacing-looking men in red shirts, each carrying a long pole with a leash attached to one end.

The both of you sniffed the air, watching warily. No, this is not good at all.

What follows next: a lot of painful yelping and terrified cries.

Then only silence remains.

What gives us the right to play God?

No one thinks twice about putting down stray animals. If they did, they would not have come up with such a solution in the first place. The worst thing is, the animals do not even know why they have to be subjected to such cruelty.

Imagine being given a death execution without knowing why. Much like the slained Brazilian man due to the UK’s recently adopted ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy. What a hoo-hah it created.

Hey, he was an unfortunate man who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Why do you have to care so much about animals?

Wait, is there really a difference?

The dogs lived their own lives, bothering nobody. Simple, innocent lives they led.

Of course, then you will ask – does it have to take a human life to be lost, then only to have action taken against them?

Think about it the next time you chomp happily into your fried chicken drumstick.

What, then why am I not a vegetarian, you ask.

Then I might as well not eat any greens. Plants live too, do they not?

Oh, should I eat stones next?

Life and death. Such complex issues. If everyone could be immortal, maybe the planet will spin off its axis due to the uhm, extra weight. We could face more troubled times – starvation, epidemics, whatnots plaguing every corner of the world.

So, is death necessary? What if there is no such thing as death, or birth, for that matter? You and I will not be here.

Is that how life works? A very ironic thing, actually.

People go around, preaching that life is precious, valuable, treasure it. On the other hand, animals end up in shelters awaiting their death trials, or in cooking pots.

My hands are tied. Why do I have to make my life more complicated than it already is?

Actually, my heart is still smarting from recent events. I still have a lot of questions unanswered – maybe they will be when I meet my maker.

But will we, really?

On another note – yes, it was edited to fit into the small space, but still. I mean, you cannot work in that particular industry, and yet not do something directly related to it, right?

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  1. re: strays. i dont really know. if they pose a threat, like diseases (which some do), and brute behaviour, then is there really a better place for them? i dont know.

    but, if god didnt mean for them to die, they wont. thats just what i believe as a muslim. it may seem that people are playing at determining lives. but, i just believe that death is predetermined by god.

    anyway, this doesnt really answer anything really. just that, rather than seeing an unfortunate accident of children being chased and bitten by a stray, i suppose catching them is sort of the only solution.
    pb | 19/08/05 02:16 PM

  2. are crows a problem?
    strays are not a problem in itself. but strays tend to create more strays… and then we have a problem.
    the fact of the matter is that strays wouldnt be so profligate in the first place had people been more responsible about their pets. basically, we should have tougher laws enforced on people who keep pets. if u feel that cruelty to animals is wrong, then laws should be put in place to punish owners who dont bring up their pets properly.
    strays should be eliminated altogether and hopefully not thru means which are fatal. the streets are a dangerous place for them to be, capable of causing harm to human life thru traffic accidents. capable of leaving little souvenirs in places where you’d least want them.
    the cats around my house are a pest, bringing rotting food into my house compound and then ruining the landscaping.
    soporific | 19/08/05 05:04 PM

  3. pb – Yeah.. I think I have to admit that captivity is still a better solution than having to put them to sleep – and the latter option arises because no one can afford to keep the strays caged forever.

    It still seems a pity, though. I mean, you don’t know why you’re being caged up, with an impending death sentence at that too.

    Soporific – Fair enough. Sigh. So the problem points back to us humans; yet we take and eliminate as we please.

    Yeah, I do feel that cruelty to animals is wrong. They can’t speak for themselves, so it’s almost always a one-sided story. That’s why we humans tower over them.

    So there’s no way to get rid of strays in a more humane way (well, more than euthanasia anyway), it seems.
    Strizzt | 20/08/05 10:29 AM

  4. Man love power. You can see it predominantly at government agencies. Imagine when you are given the power to kill.
    Ali | 24/08/05 05:31 PM

  5. Ali – Yeah, people’d think they can do anything. A bit scary, but we set the borders ourselves…
    Strizzt | 24/08/05 09:30 PM

  6. i didnt know rtm had the pwoer to kill.
    soporific | 24/08/05 11:49 PM

  7. Get rid of petshops. They breed pets that are designed to look cute and attract young pet owners who abandon them eventually. Do you ever see the mothers of puppies and kittens in petshops? They’re usually kept in some unhygienic breeding ground, in terrible conditions. Besides, why BREED pets when tens of thousands are put to sleep every year?

    If people want a pet, go to a shelter and save a life.

    By the way, sorry, this is just one of those things that really annoy me. Nggh.
    poptart | 25/08/05 09:22 PM

  8. that’s right. why have sex and make children when tens of thousands of people are being put to death each year too?
    why should we be able choose if we want a kid in our own likeness? there are so many starving children everywhere, adopt! adopt!
    get rid of sperm and ovums! just adopt!
    absolutism rocks!
    soporific | 26/08/05 11:40 AM

  9. the difference between people and pet animals is that people aren’t bred for profit.
    poptart | 26/08/05 09:31 PM

  10. They kind of are, though. In the developing world, one of the reason people have lots of kids is because it’s synonymous with prosperity. More kids mean more people in future to expand the household’s wealth, so the key is send ‘em out to work ASAP. As in, when they’re 7. Or maybe sell them. Happens quite a bit.
    holycow | 27/08/05 03:31 AM

  11. right. people are instead bred for? the pleasure of having children? the experience of bringing up kids? but you can do that with starving children too.
    are you suggesting we let starving children die?
    soporific | 27/08/05 03:44 AM

  12. Poptart – I am not quite sure who’s responsible in the breeding part, though.. not necessarily the pet shops. They’re mostly there to help provide the animals with a home, rather than let them wander the streets. And for the money, of course. Sigh.
    Strizzt | 27/08/05 12:25 PM

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