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I was feeling strangely smug, having successfully performed a task not attempted previously. A milestone it was, and there were times when I suspected that I must have been grinning madly to myself as I browsed through the myriad fantasy novels on the shelf.

It was a great place; it had all the books that I wanted. Ah, the sweet, lovely smell of new books. Pity that this particular shopping centre had to be located at the other side of the state, though…

Then, out of nowhere, a bright orange piece of paper was thrust to my vision, obstructing my view from the two racks of Raymond E. Feists.

“Aunty, today is Left-Hander’s Day.”

I turned to the source of the voice. A boy was looking at me earnestly behind his glasses. Suddenly, I was aware of the embarassing fact that I had been staring at him.

“Er, uhm. Sorry, what did you say?” I spluttered.

“Today is Left-Hander’s Day,” he repeated patiently, still waving the brightly-coloured leaflet at me.

With a sigh, I took it. “Oh, okay.”

He walked away quickly with a thank-you.

My, my, such manners.

So he has been taught how to distribute the leaflets.

But someone had obviously forgot to tell him that not everyone older than him has to be addressed as an ‘aunty’.

That darn kid.

I am afraid that there is only one person who can call me as such. However, his vocabulary is still somewhat limited, confined to only the most basic of objects. But that is normal for a seventeen-month-old.

And only I can be his aunt. Wink.

I tell you, it's so difficult to snap decent pictures of kids...

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  1. Can i apply to be his personal photographer?
    Jane | 15/08/05 10:28 PM

  2. cute kid! :P
    nerdook | 15/08/05 10:51 PM

  3. aunty = makcik.

    hmm..once, when i was warded in a public hosp, i was just finishing peforming my prayers (in a telekung, dress that muslim women uses when praying), with my back towards the ward.

    then, this nurse, who was waaaay older, came in, and said, “makcik, nanti makan ye ubat tu”

    and i was like wth…she knows i was 20 at that time. and yet, just because i was garbed in such, she totally forgot it and assumed i was (probably) a nenek.

    the horror.
    pb | 16/08/05 08:22 AM

  4. Jane – No. No more vacancies for that position. :P

    Nerdook – Heh. The one in the picture is my nephew.

    pb – Yikes! I wonder if she realised her mistake? At least no one else heard that at that time, or it will be one of those jokes that people will bring up again and again, heh heh.
    Strizzt | 16/08/05 09:46 AM

  5. Why is it that the background is more in focus than the subject? X-(
    Jane, you’re hired!

    Nevertheless, I think he’s the cutest baby in the world! Lalalalala…
    Wonger | 16/08/05 10:07 AM

  6. Wonger – Wha.. no it’s not! That’s what happens when you’ve got one hyperactive boy. :P The camera isn’t fast enough!
    Strizzt | 16/08/05 08:52 PM

  7. Hey Aunty. What about me? Remember our lollipop encounter?
    Nephew | 17/08/05 01:05 AM

  8. Nephew – Ah, right. Time for you to make an appearance. :) Now, what flavour of lollipop would you like to have?
    Strizzt | 17/08/05 09:34 AM

  9. actually, if the boy was anything less than 10 years of age, you do sort of qualify as aunty.
    soporific | 17/08/05 04:33 PM

  10. Soporific – Ack! I think I just aged another twenty years.
    Strizzt | 17/08/05 09:12 PM

  11. Awww…your nephew is damn cute. Dimples! :D

    I’ll be expecting my own (nephew, that is..) in November. Whee.
    poptart | 17/08/05 11:48 PM

  12. Poptart – Will that be your first nephew? Yay! Will be expecting pictures then, too. ;)
    Strizzt | 18/08/05 09:29 AM

  13. rootbeer and butterscotch. yay!!!
    Nephew | 19/08/05 04:01 PM

  14. Oh ya, I saw new flavours on the counter in 7-Eleven yesterday. Never tried them before. Funny flavours like tough jeans, ribbed, featherlite, close fit and tingles. Next time I will try tingles flavour. Sounds cute! Have you tried them before aunty?
    Nephew | 19/08/05 04:21 PM

  15. Nephew – I’m afraid I haven’t tried any of those flavours… but I think you should stick to those of the fruity sort, you know. Like strawberry or lime. When you’re older, then only try those, hmm, weird flavours.. okay? :D
    Strizzt | 20/08/05 10:14 AM

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