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It keeps sliding off my head.

I am The Graduate.

Yes, it does. And it makes my head heavier than it already is.

With this over and done with, I have much pressing needs to attend to. Gosh, things just do not look bright these days…

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  1. hoho. nice hat. welcome back… :)
    nerdook | 07/08/05 09:05 PM

  2. the picture should have u under its not insignificant weight.
    soporific | 07/08/05 11:09 PM

  3. i believe congratulations are in order? :D
    poptart | 08/08/05 12:01 AM

  4. Alright! Congrats!
    Sashi | 08/08/05 11:27 AM

  5. Yeah. Congratulations Strizzt!
    Man, has it been 3 years already since I wore mine? Time flies.
    Ali | 08/08/05 05:15 PM

  6. WOO! you’re graduating! Woo! don’t forget to fall asleep in the hall. it’s a ritual… haha
    eyeris | 08/08/05 05:33 PM

  7. Nerdook – Good to be back too, I guess…

    Soporific – Doesn’t matter much now, really.

    Poptart – Yeah, thanks.

    Sashi – Thank you.

    Ali – Thanks. It’s quite an experience, isn’t it?

    Eyeris – Yeah, was busy suppressing yawns because I was seated at the most front row, where the camera will ocassionally pan towards my direction.
    Strizzt | 08/08/05 09:40 PM

  8. Show us (me) photos.
    Keat | 15/08/05 02:54 PM

  9. Keat – There are plenty on YY’s Friendster.
    Strizzt | 15/08/05 09:56 PM

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