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It is not yet the end of the week, but already it has been an emotional roller-coaster ride for me.

I was afraid. So afraid that I could do nothing but bawl my eyes out.

The thing about it is that, well, it happens. You know it has to. It will, and there is no escaping it. But you cannot help but hope otherwise. Deep down, there might still be a glimmer of light, or so you think.

I still recall Raistlin’s quote: “Hope is the denial of reality.”

We take so many things for granted. When the truth sets in; when you have fully comprehend the gravity of the situation; when you know that it is inevitable – what else can you do?

There is no turning back the clock no more. All you can do is to gather up your wits and guts, force yourself to not think about it anymore, and move on.

Really: it is so easy to say that. Move on. But it is just so hard to do.

It is also equally easy to ask questions. Why, you screamed. Why? But the answers are not there. They are never meant to be.

It really does make you feel helpless. It stares at you right at your face, but you cannot avoid it. We are bound to have to surrender to it anyway – we just do not know when. And that is not a very exciting thought.

I will be away for the weekend, so expect no updates until I return.

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  1. hm. here’s wishing you all the best for whatever it is that’s happening. hope things turn out okay…
    nerdook | 04/08/05 07:40 AM

  2. Nerdook – Thanks. And stop dropping by here ten times a day, will you? :P
    Strizzt | 04/08/05 09:16 AM

  3. Death is inevitable. Transcendence is the way to paradise. Reincarnation only improves us. The answer to unanswerable questions is always, ‘That’s life.’
    Wonger | 04/08/05 09:33 AM

  4. lol… alrite im gone. :P poof
    nerdook | 04/08/05 09:38 AM

  5. well, wonger, the answer can also be ‘fjgwrbkgj’ but it doesnt make it the right one.

    dont forget strizzt, we accept reality but we also accept that change is part of reality.
    soporific | 04/08/05 04:25 PM

  6. How can a human being survive without hope?
    Ali | 04/08/05 06:00 PM

  7. Wonger – Yeah, but no one knows for sure what life really is. Or is there a definite definition for that?

    Nerdook – Yes, yes, come back later. :D

    Soporific – Reality takes real hard to sink in these days. Darn, it’s just so difficult sometimes.

    Ali – Maybe so, but what if hope means you’re just lying to yourself?
    Strizzt | 07/08/05 07:31 PM

  8. dont panic
    soporific | 08/08/05 12:09 AM

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