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Ho hum..

Ho hum.. yet another mediocre day.

As usual, I can’t get through a day comfortably without music. I am now having a go and Creed’s Weathered and Fuel’s Something Like Human. Hm.. I really like Fuel. Brett Scallions, lead singer for Fuel, has such powerful, angry vocals, rocking right into your heart with those well written lyrics, accompanied by addictive rhythms and guitar riffs.. As for Creed’s latest album, my favourite songs are the ones on the tracklist after their first single ‘My Sacrifice’ (about track 5 onwards). Not a bad effort from the band.. their recipe for success has been proven to work very well, as judged by their glaring position of numero uno on the Billboard Hot 200 Albums Chart.

Oddly enough, as much as a big fan of alternative and modern rock music, I still succumb to the mellow melodies of pop every once in a while. Currently, I seem to pay quite some attention to UK pop band Blue. Their cover of ‘Too Close’, originally by Next, mesmerizes me.. it used to be my favourite song back in 1998, and now that it has been rejuvenated by Blue, I feel the urge to listen to R&B – okay, maybe to songs sung only by Blue. :� A bonus point is that one of the cute guys in Blue, Lee Ryan, was born just 3 days ahead of me..! Oh fellow Geminian! I feel too close already.. smacks head This is bad.. another of those boy fantasies of mine striked. It doesn’t help too, when he made his presence felt other than in real life. wink Geez. attempts to be sober again At least he has a grea-a-a-a-a-a-a-t voice. Trust me. :)

Anyhow.. am I so much a music freak as to perform this routine everyday – to switch on the computer, plop the earphones to my ear, and listen to music?

Can you live without music? I don’t think I can survive without music, now that I’ve got so used to it. I have once said to myself: Music is my life.. or is my life music? I have not the answer.. yet. Do you?

Never armed our souls, for what the future would hold, when we were innocent.. – ‘Innocent’, Fuel (Something Like Human, 2000)

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