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It won't let me publish!

glares at Blogger It won’t let me publish!

But it permits me to do so now. :) And so, I rant…..

Oh.. my application for the Rice Bowl Journals has been successful, and I am now part of the community. dances People of all races, living at different parts of the world, can get together, all because of the existence of the Internet. It’s a wonder how people can get connected, to know each other better through the Internet.. it is indeed an incredible medium.

Have quite some stuff to do. I’m a reporter for the Student Publication Board of my uni, and am under the Yearbook division. There’s this feeling to seeing your work finally getting published.. although it could be simple stuff such as events happening in campus and interestingly, the Deans’ interviews conducted by myself and a friend in 2001. A grin forms on my face whenever I reminisce the times when we were researching the Dean’s biodata and other information, then trying to think up of some out-of-this-world questions in order to make the interview fun. I can’t say for sure if the interview was a success or not.. we ended up trying to encourage the Deans to talk about themselves, and see them stumped over some questions (Describe yourself in three words), stuff like that. :D More often than not, we made a fool out of ourselves too, besides jotting their answers furiously on our notebooks (we have no recorder :/). There’s also the issue of both of us in turn chasing some lecturers for more details regarding their research and stuff – instead of the common scenario where lecturers are suppose to pester students for assignments and homework.

What can I say? I hope our efforts will not be going down the drain. :)

When you are with me, I’m freeeee.. – ‘My Sacrifice’, Creed (Weathered, 2001)

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