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Fifty degrees.

Fifty degrees.

Today is yet another day when I wish that there is air conditioning in the house.

But the sky is…

(“There she goes, again.”)
(“At the rate she’s going, she’s going to point out the obvious every week.”)
(“But we can’t tell her the sky is not blue!”)

... blue! I simply love it. Not even a speck of cloud in sight.

Why, would you rather have gloomy skies and thunderstorms?
Water, or electricity?
Right, or left?
Elven script, or green code?
A bent spoon, or the broken shards of a sword?

On another note, I stumbled upon an interesting discovery in my list of referrals. Someone inserted the keywords “raistlin keanu picture” into a search engine and found his or her way here.

Never mind that.

But I have never thought of seeing those two particular words – Raistlin (Majere, of course) and Keanu (Reeves, I presume!) – together, that is. If they were to make a Dragonlance movie (or any movie out of my favourite fantasy books, in fact), I am going to spend most of my time going hmmm! or argh! over the casting choices, because, hey! I am hard to please.

Okay, now. Is there anyone out there who would want to fan me? I am melting here.

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