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Gawd damn..

Gawd damn.. the computer mysteriously restarted itself when I was attempting to post….. grrrrrrrr. This might mean only one thing – a potential bug? No!!

Heh.. grins.. Reinselft has quite a few words to say about me. (It’s the first time I got mentioned in someone’s blog, yipee! – well, I suppose 15 minutes of online fame will do for silly ol’ me). I am so touched to hear her praising my HTML abilities. However, I think my HTML abilities are way w o r s e than the HTML she now executes on her beautiful website! Well, we used to mail and update each other, talking about our lives.. but gradually, we dropped the routine (I think it must be a fault on my part as I was busy preparing for my high school leaving examination, or SPM). We are now subjected to a reunion because both of us now own blogs. :D Pssst.. she doesn’t know I have been a mysterious stalker, dropping by at her website every now and then. ;) Nyah hee.

I have been using a pair of headphones since I got it about a month ago. Why? Because I didn’t feel like bothering my roommates with the loud music I listen to everyday. I live in a small hostel room, with two wonderful roommates. However, they don’t really fancy listening to my type of music. Tonight, both of them are away for a meeting, and I thought I might blast some good music out from my speakers. But.. it was not working well – the sound seems to be too much on the bass side. :/ As if that wasn’t enough, Miss Butterfingers (that’s moi) hit a flask while attempting to plug out the speakers from the power source, and the water spilled over the speakers! (Doesn’t that just aggravates the whole blardy situation?) I cursed. I guess it doesn’t like the idea of being shut away for too long, while I was rocking away silently through my headphones. :/

I will be going home tomorrow.. hurrah! Will get to see hunky Cade Foster on First Wave.. and read the newspapers, and a new book awaiting at home – at long last – R.A. Salvatore’s The Dark Elf Trilogy. Mm. If I can find time to finish all 3.. heck, I haven’t even finish the final book to The Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist!

‘Cos I don’t want this love to ever end.. – ‘If You Come Back’, Blue (All Rise, 2001)

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