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Woo.. it's raining tonight!

Woo.. it’s raining tonight! At last! After all, I live in the university hostel in this ‘so-called’ desert of Cyberjaya (in the heart of Multimedia Super Corridor, Malaysia’s Silicon Valley frowns).. surrounded by brown, orangy hills (read: lots of places still under construction), heat waves, a few tall trees (although they’ve just planted a few infant ones) and the town centre is nearly a good ten minutes away. That’s why pretty much of my nights here are spent in front of the computer, attempting to play trivia or surf around with the oh-so-blardy-slow connection – or, if I’m hardworking enough, revising (that rarely happens, except on the eve of quizzes and tests :D).

Oh.. something interesting happened during lunchy today. :) A friend and I ordered chicken rice.. and as I was just trying to get a bite on the chicken, I noticed something moving under a piece of lettuce.. then the ‘thing’ emerged to the top and it turned out to be a caterpillar. :D You know how caterpillars move.. the pull themselves to the front, then the back part is dragged up.. very cute. :) I would not have really mind, but my friend was very conscious and worried about my health and to the after effects if I am to still devour the chicken rice.. and she managed to get a new plate of it for me! Aww.. a big hug and thanks to Sze for going through all that trouble to get me a safe lunch! tickles Sze Needless to say, I didn’t touch the lettuce on the new plate of rice :D Have you encountered that situation before? Would you eat the ‘infested’ meal quietly, or demand free meals on the house for the rest of your life?

For my Computer Graphics studies, we are required to produce a movie trailer. That sounds so tempting.. but the process of making it is absolutely not! We need to decide on a theme, then gather up all the movie clips or trailers, and nicely patch them together using Adobe Premiere, adding transitions and words along the way. There’s still three weeks left until the dateline.. I hope I will not end up procrastinating.

Guess that’s it for now then.. can’t think of any songs at the moment to close up this silly blog of mine today.

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