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It's been a busy two days..

It’s been a busy two days.. to the extent of skipping lunch. Yeah, it was the first time I skipped lunch yesterday, and to continue the habit today isn’t very nice. I was simply too occupied with studies and sponsorship for the yearbook, and an idiotic timetable doesn’t help at all. Eeeeee.. this week has been going by reaaaaaaallllll slow (darn, doesn’t that sound a lil like Next or Blue’s Too Close :P). I don’t know why! It makes me want to rip my hair out.. but on second thoughts, I’d better not, since I got a haircut like, a week ago.. it may just destroy my new image :D Well, at least there’s the thought of me getting to return home tomorrow for the weekends..

I nearly freaked out when a friend changed the language of my cellphone from English to.. horrors of horrors, Tamil!!!!!! I was cursing like nobody’s business and began my maiden attempt in translating the alien words and taking wild guesses on which button would lead me to the language section (I was using a Nokia 3310, and I did not explore my phone fully before this..!) while she was giggling. *#&$(*@#&$ I was, of course, not the least amused by that. stares daggers at Cat She saw the dark look on my face and volunteered to change it back.. well, she better, or else….......!! :D :D :D

Kill kill kill.. kill the blardy connection.. sucks sucks sucks.. the blardy connection sucks.. Unreliable! Unjustice! Eek!

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