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Okay. I have again, relocated...

Okay. I have again, relocated, from Portland to Akshor. However, Akshor is also powered by Portland (so technically, I suppose I didn’t really shift :D).

Currently, the lights in my room are switched off.. and those bugs are all over my screen. Real bugs, I mean! You know, they’re always attracted to the light.. and they crawl all over me as well. I think my eyes are getting worse too. However, this is all for the purpose of me, being a good roommate! You see, one of my roomies is sick, so my second roomie and I let her sleep without the lights on.

Geez.. I’ve never been in such a confuzzled situation. I am currently living in my university’s hostel. However, after doing my pre-university studies (which we will finish by early April) we will be officially labeled as first years. Then, we are booted out of the hostel. In other words, I need to get another place to stay when the new study session starts. There’s a new condominium beside our university.. but the unit’s rather small. Currently, we need to get like, 8 people, so each of us would pitch in RM193 for the rent and bills. The problem is, we can’t really get 8 people to stay in the small unit.. I’m sure it’d be rather cramped and all. Alternatively, I suppose the problem lies in the cost of the rental.. RM193! The advantanges of staying there is that it’s close to uni.. say, a five-minute walk. Thus, we don’t need to bear with any unreliable transportation problems we might face later.

On the other hand, we can try to get a place in a housing estate, which is about ten minutes away by car. Ah yes.. the key word here is car. We don’t have it. The bus to university comes with an odd schedule. We may miss our classes.

Such a dilemma.

Have you ever encountered any such problems?

I just wish I could get it over with.. quickly.

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