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Am currently devouring...

Am currently devouring nasi goreng cina (Chinese fried rice?!).

Okay, so I managed to get a place to stay – with 3 other guys and 3 of my girlfriends – and it should cost nearly RM200 a month for each of us. o_O sigh Psst.. I haven’t told my mom yet. I wonder if she’d approve. Should be calling her in fifteen minutes time to fill her in on that.

Oh yeah, yesterday was a freakin bad day.
The water supply was off yesterday. It’s a bit of irony, at times. It rained quite heavily yesterday – but oddly enough, we were without any drop of water. :/ Luckily, it lasted only about half a day.. our previous experience was three straight days without water. The hostel dwellers were seen lugging pails and bathing accessories over to the faculty building across the street to uh, use the washrooms there (Only the girls’ hostels were without water back then). All the more reason why I should be staying out, and not in. Sigh.

Also.. yesterday I knocked into one good looking guy.. literally. :/ I apologised profusely for my majestic clumsiness but he replied while waving his hands, “It’s okay, it’s okay”.. hell right. My image has been tarnished! Good grief.. I shall soon be known as ‘Missy Klutz’ or something. Double eek.

Well, while attempting to finish up today’s blog, I had called my mom. She said it’s no problem for me to stay out-campus.. in fact, she sounded quite relieved. She was worrying whether I would be able to get a place to stay once the new session starts. I hope the new place would do everyone good.

I hope I will be going home on Thursday.. I don’t want to miss FRIENDS! It’s supposedly the season finale, where Chandler’s going to get married to Monica. (I know I know, we Malaysians are usually outdated and quite a few seasons/episodes behind from the States. Thank goodness for Astro, where I get to watch X-Men (with a yummylicious Hugh Jackman, who was real good in Swordfish) and the final season to First Wave. By the way.. any Survivor fans out there? I watched the final a fortnight ago.. and am glad that the winner has been rightfully chosen. :) The same thing applies to past Survivor episodes filmed from Malaysia and Australia – I only start to get glued to my seat when there’s like, only four or five episodes left to go. I guess it’s a good thing when I get to escape some major bitching and stuff – I actually heaved a sigh of relief when Kelly (of Survivor: Africa) finished blahing her question during the final vote to decide if Ethan or Kim would be the receiver of the desirable moolah. Hee.

Doesn’t anyone watch First Wave?! It seems to me that no one likes it. Well.. what can I say, but Cade Foster is a dashing alien-killer. Bwahahaha. Die, you aliens..

On air now: Simon, Lifehouse (No Name Face, 2001)

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