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Ticking by.

Ticking by.

I had a go at the New Year’s Resolution Generator sometime before 2005 greeted us, and it came up with…

“Eat more junk food.”

Twice. (I had also scored a “Be more anti-social.”)

In any case, I love Pringles.

Now, they have resorted to producing the junk food locally, and I am not impressed, because:
- the size of the can is smaller;
- we have only four flavours available here (plus, the new ‘grilled shrimp and pepper’ flavour simply did not taste right);
- imported cans of Pringles are getting more difficult to locate in stores;
- the fact that it is produced locally, usually means.. uhm, something.

Yes, I tend to find fault with things that are produced locally. Many a time we come across items that malfunction at the strangest times; food items that crumple your facial features. Then when you flip over the dubiously printed packaging, scan through the ant-like words on it, and go, “Oh, no wonder lah. Made in Malaysia wan.”

I do not like the idea of how I am going about this situation – of how the few rotten apples seem to be spoiling the whole barrel (or maybe I seem to keep fishing out the rotten apples). To be fair, we do have great food here anyway, enough to satiate many tastebuds. Plus, I love our instant noodles (!!). It is just that, well… it would be really nice to have these imported items sold at relatively affordable prices here: Tip Top ice cream, Mars and Snickers chocolate bars. And all existing flavours to Pringles.

Ah, junk food heaven.

One thing – maybe I should also add the brilliant, locally-produced either-make-you-feel-good-or-shed-tears advertisments churned out come every festive season. Although they are not edible, it works wonders in tugging your heartstrings.

On another note, I had a sudden eureka moment two days ago, inspired by nature’s beauty. After all, the blueness it exudes (sometimes) is simply too hard to resist. With the occasional white, fluffy cotton-like things set against the blue canvas, it could well create interesting formations that will encourage us to amuse ourselves by debating if it had the features of a grumpy old hag, or the outlines of a prancing unicorn.

That, would be skies.insatiably.net – a photolog dedicated only to the sky – but I am not quite serious about pushing the project into motion, yet. What do you think?

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