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Tears her hair out...

/me nearly tears her hair out browsing through here while trying to get a good substitute to her webspace provider when it was down for today and well she didn’t manage to find a good one because they wanted annoying banners and popups and the ad-free ones are all down and gone~~~ . . .. ... .. .. // \ jksjdflskjafdl

Oh. Hello. Welcome back! As I was bitching earlier.. yes, my website, which went online on January of this year, was down again.. it makes six times in this month alone. What is it with me and webspace providers? Am I an allergy or something?! Can’t I publish my lowly website in peace.. hm.. come to think of it, maybe that’s the reason why I keep running into freakin problems one after another.. – because of my unimportant and uninformative website, often falling prey to such circumstances – “Oh, hey, look, this website’s useless.. we’ll close it down for a ‘mo just so we can polish our servers.” Oh doggone it. End bitching, end bitching..

I just returned from an event held by the university’s Chinese Language Society – the Chinese New Year Extravaganza (CNYE). It was basically an entertaining night with a few performances, such as the 24 Seasons Drum Performance and a few dances and a drama. Originally, I didn’t want to go.. but my roomie, who was in charge of selling the tickets, pestered me over and over again to attend the event.. and well, I had to part with six bucks. :/ Since I don’t converse in Mandarin much, I didn’t really get the messages conveyed during the event – in other words, the language was alien to me, although I was able to make out bits and pieces here and there. Some Chinese I am, huh? ;)

Another thing concerning language that happened earlier was when I was attempting a casual chat with a lecturer.. I found it rather funny that he was talking to me in Malay, and I replied in English. When I realised what I did, I tried to talk in Malay.. and I found out, to my horror, that I couldn’t talk very well in Malay anymore. I used to converse regularly in Malay back in school, but since shifting to university, I rarely use the language.. my words were all jumbled up and I resorted to using English with the lecturer again. sigh

Durn.. I’m to have a synthesis test tomorrow for English. And woo.. I’ll be back home tomorrow. :))

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